TBA Presents Centralised Buying Platform Opportunity for Registered Centres

By Matt Stevens
March 11, 2021

A history-making initiative by Tenpin Bowling Australia will see registered centres across the country gain access to a centralised buying platform providing support and access to a brilliant line-up of suppliers for their businesses.

In a potential boost for TBA registered centres, TBA is excited to announce the creation of the TBA Centralised Buying Platform (CBP). The initiative is freely available to all centres that register with TBA, aiming to provide superb pricing and profit pathway opportunities from a list of amazing suppliers that TBA has partnered with.

The introduction of the inaugural Centralised Buying Platform provides TBA registered centres with an opportunity to access a platform of ‘Approved Accredited Suppliers’ who will deliver fantastic rates, rebates, and pricing for all TBA registered Centre Owners who choose to utilise.

The platform will provide TBA partner awareness who are delivering excellent pricing structure, and support tailoring solutions for all your needs for various business areas such as Food and Beverage, Cleaning products, COVID-19 products, Safety products etc.

TBA General Manager of Industry Damien Smith, the architect behind the initiative, has been on a quest to increase added value for registered centres with TBA. The initiative aligns directly with TBA’s strategic vision of ensuring profitable centres is providing awesome experiences to all customers. The reasons for his efforts are simple.

“Without profitable centres, there are no centres, without centres, there is no sport”, explained Smith. “It is imperative that TBA play a role in offering assistance to our registered centres in running profitable businesses in ensuring environments remain in place for everyone to continue their enjoyment and participation of the sport”.

Adopting the initiative is not compulsory, yet simply an opportunity for centres to assess if it makes sense for their situation.

“We are not forcing any centre owner to take up the initiative. We are simply offering an opportunity for those to assess if it makes sense for their business. It is all about providing a platform that potentially saves time and money for the centre owners registered with TBA” explained Smith.

The new initiative is available from today, free of charge for all TBA registered centres.

Details of each contact are listed below. Specific field teams and specialists will support and make contact soon, or alternatively, centres are encouraged to contact the nominated specialists themselves.

If you have any questions regarding the opportunity, email Damien Smith on [email protected]

Contact – Mike Walker – National Sales Manager – 0456 850 464

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