What is TBA Registration?

Join the Tenpin Bowling community in Australia!

As with other sports, regular participants in Tenpin Bowling must register with Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA).


Approximately 100

TBA Registered centres across Australia


TBA Registered Centres

are certified to meet specific requirements


One Requirement

is to ensure their league bowlers register with TBA


What Type of Member are You?

There are three registration products that can be purchased


Junior Member

For individuals under 18 as of 1 January of the registration year.


League Member

For those aged 18 and over as of 1 January of the registration year.


Silver Upgrade

Ideal for those aiming for the stars!

This membership is for bowlers wishing to be part of the TBA Rankings, represent their state on a national stage, or join the National Training Squad.

To become a Silver Member, one must already have either a League or Junior membership and then upgrade.


Registration Models for Centres

Centres are provided with an option of two registration models to adopt

1. Traditional Registration

2. Lane Levy Registration


1. Traditional Registration

A large majority of TBA-registered centres opt for the traditional registration model.


How it Works?

League bowlers from a centre register their details either online or directly at the centre


Online Processing

Registering online? It’s a breeze!

This method provides instant registration, making it the quickest way to be set for the year!


In-Centre Processing

The Centre processes registration and sends details to TBA for updating of records.


Traditional TBA Registered Centres


2. Lane Levy Registration

Only a select few TBA registered centres go with the lane levy registration model.


How it Works?

For most centres, once a bowler completes nine games of league bowling at a centre, they’re automatically registered as TBA members through our partner portal – TenpinResults.

Alternatively, centres not utilising TenpinResults automation, provide TBA with data to update their records.


How much?

Centres using this model will inform bowlers about the TBA registration fee structure.

Please note, that online registrations aren’t available for leagues at Lane Levy registered centres.


Lane Levy TBA Registered Centres


The Importance of TBA Registration

TBA registration is the lifeblood of Tenpin Bowling in Australia.

It supports our efforts to uphold, promote, and evolve the sport throughout the country.

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