Frequently Asked Questions

When is TBA Registration?

Registration Period

The TBA registration runs annually, starting from 1 January and concluding on 31 December.

Early Bird Offers

To kick things off, TBA introduces an Early Bird registration period towards the end of each year in November. Why register early?

  1. Discounted Rates: Enjoy special pricing for being ahead of the game!
  2. Win Big: Registering during the Early Bird period gives you a chance to snag some amazing prizes.

Why Register Promptly?

Who needs to register with TBA?

If you bowl in a league at a TBA-registered centre, registration with TBA is a must. Here’s why:

  • For the Bowlers: Every bowler participating in league play within a TBA registered centre is expected to register. This ensures you’re part of a recognised and standardized bowling community that is also recognised by the Australian Sports Commission.
  • For the Centres: Your registration is essential to help your bowling centre maintain its TBA-registered status. Centres need their league bowlers registered with TBA to uphold their certification.

In essence, if you’re passionate about league bowling and your centre is TBA-registered, your registration plays a vital role in maintaining the sport’s integrity and standards. Join us and be an integral part of the bowling community!

How & Where to Register with TBA

1. Traditional Membership Centres:

  • Online Registration: Bowlers from centres with the traditional membership model can easily register online through our partner, TenpinResults. Upon registering online, your membership will instantly become active and visible.
  • In-Person Registration: If you prefer to register directly at your bowling centre, they’ll gather your details. Once done, the centre will forward your data to TBA for record updates.

Remember, all TBA registrations are managed on TenpinResults, our dedicated partner for registration and results.

2. Lane-Levy Centres:

  • In-Centre Guidance: If you’re bowling at a lane-levy centre, please consult with your centre’s management. They’ll guide you on the payment process for your TBA registration.
  • Automatic Registration: For bowlers at lane-levy centres equipped with TenpinResults technology, you’ll be automatically recognised as TBA registered members after you’ve played 9 league games.
  • Manual Registration: For bowlers at lane-levy centres not equipped with TenpinResults capability, centres will gather your details and forward data to be processed by TBA for updating of records.

Whichever your centre type, ensuring you’re registered with TBA enhances your bowling experience and contributes to the broader community. Get registered and hit the lanes with confidence!

How do I register?

Now you know who registers where, if you want to register now, please head to the Register Now section here.

Can you tell me the steps to take when renewing?

Once logged in – to complete renewals, after logging in and clicking “RENEW” at the top:

  1. Select a Home Centre
  2. Select the 2024 League Member product
  3. Tick the box agreeing to Tenpin Bowling Australia’s terms after reviewing
  4. Click the GREEN “ADD TO CART”. This will pop up TBA’s member declaration and YES or NO buttons, to which you must answer to proceed.
  5. Click “Pay”, and put in your card details to complete the payment.
  6. A receipt will be emailed

View below the infographic or download here.

Why is there a local association fee included in my registration fees?

The inclusion of a local association fee in registration charges has been a long-standing practice at TBA. We’ve always provided centres and their respective associations the option to incorporate a modest local association fee on top of the standard registration fees.

This additional fee plays a crucial role in enabling local associations to conduct their operations effectively and serve their members better. It ensures they have the necessary resources to promote the sport, organise events, and continue to offer support at a local level.

If you notice a local association fee on your registration invoice, it’s because your centre, in collaboration with the local association, has chosen to include this fee as an integral component of the TBA registration process. This collective decision is rooted in the shared commitment to further nurture and develop the sport at a grassroots level.

Early Bird Registration with TBA

What is the Early Bird Window?

Every year, starting on 1 November, Tenpin Bowling Australia opens its Early Bird window for TBA registration. This period offers prospective bowlers a golden opportunity:

  1. Swift Registration: Get ahead of the crowd and settle your registration for the upcoming year without the last-minute rush.
  2. Special Discounts: Registering during the Early Bird window ensures you enjoy a reduced rate.
  3. Win Exciting Prizes: Apart from the early bird advantages, you also stand a chance to bag some amazing rewards.

Want More Details?

Curious about what this year’s Early Bird window has in store? Click here to delve deeper into the benefits and prizes awaiting you.

Make the most of the Early Bird period. Get registered, save, and potentially win big! Your early action helps us gear up for a fantastic bowling year ahead.

Got Questions about TBA Registration?

Got Questions about TBA Registration?

We’re here to help! If you have any inquiries or need further clarification regarding TBA registration, don’t hesitate to reach out:

  • Email: Send us a message by emailing [email protected].
  • Phone: Give us a ring at 07 3262 4455, and our team will be happy to assist.

Your queries are important to us. Let’s ensure you have all the information you need to be part of the TBA community. Frequently Asked Questions will be updated on this page as the year advances.



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