TBA Silver Level Coaching Course 2021 – Remote & Online

By Matt Stevens
April 12, 2021

Tenpin Bowling Australia is now seeking enrolments from eligible BRONZE coaches who are ready to attend an upcoming SILVER coaching course – to be held remotely for the very first time – ONLINE!

Using Zoom software, aspiring Silver coaches will now be able to complete their theory (classroom) component for the Silver coaching course from their own location; No travel is required. The new initiative replaces the previous two and a half day “Face to Face” course, which is the classroom requirement of the process.

The TBA remote Silver Course (online) via Zoom consists of:

  • 4 separate sessions online, each @3 hours (total @12 hours classroom theory).
  • You are then enrolled to complete the exam and video analysis tasks (online, external through USBC)

In addition to attending the course and completing the exams, participants are required to:

  • Attend an on-lane practical coaching session and complete an evaluation (No.1) – this will be organised after the course at a convenient location in your State.
  • Complete the required coaching experience with “advanced” athletes (80+ hours), demonstrating skills required by a Silver Coach – which is logged, signed, and not commenced until after the course.
  • Attend a final on-lane session and complete an evaluation (No. 2) – which is required to demonstrate your development as a coach since the first evaluation, and your suitability to be appointed as a Silver Coach.

Silver Coaching Accreditation is a process, consisting of multiple prerequisites and set requirements.

Silver status is not achieved until all elements have been completed and assessed as competent. Find out more by clicking here

* Please note: to be eligible to complete a Silver Course, participants must have been an active TBA Bronze Level Coach for a minimum of 12 months, and must have accrued a minimum of 100 hours accumulative coaching at an appropriate level (logged and signed; over more than 12 months) since becoming a Bronze Level Coach, which can be verified, demonstrating their level of experience.


Remote via ZOOM software


SILVER Level Coaching Course No. 1 


All participants are required to attend (live) all four sessions to complete the course. The four live sessions are scheduled for:

Monday 17th May 20217:30pm – 10:30pm AESTSession 1 of 4
Tuesday 18th May 20217:30pm – 10:30pm AESTSession 2 of 4
Monday 24th May 20217:30pm – 10:30pm AESTSession 3 of 4
Tuesday 25th May 20217:30pm – 10:30pm AESTSession 4 of 4


$400 – Final date for payment – Monday 3rd May 2021

How to Register

Please download the pdf registration form here and submit with your payment to secure your spot.

Your manual and course materials will only be sent once full registration and payment is received.

Further information on the TBA coaching framework can be viewed here.

A Zoom invitation and password will be provided closer to the date when registration and payment is finalised.


  • Once participants attend all four sessions, they will be enrolled and issued instructions to complete the online USBC exam and video analysis component.
  • Please note: As this online course does not cover the “on the lane” coach evaluation tasks, all participants will be still required to attend two TBA approved coaching session (2 – 3 hours) under observation of an authorised Silver Level Coach to finalise this task before receiving their accreditation. Opportunities will be arranged by TBA and located in your own State. No additional cost to participants should apply.
  • There is now a need to complete 80+ hours of coaching experience with advanced athletes after the course, before attending the final assessment, allowing coaches to use, develop and learn from the content that was delivered. Coaches in training should only attempt their final on-lane assessment when they are ready; being confident and competent coaches who deserve Silver Status.
  • Participants will not become Silver Coaches until all requirements (as listed on the TBA website) are completed and submitted to TBA.


Any questions or for more information, please contact: