TBA Visits North Queensland

By Matt Stevens
April 9, 2021

Tenpin Bowling Australia’s (TBA) Queensland Sports Development Officer, Chloe Fadl travelled to North Queensland recently to visit registered centres to discuss participation growth through programs, pathways and opportunities.

The TBA registered centres in North Queensland (NQ) that received a visit from Chloe were Townsville Tenpin and Fun Centre, Burdekin Bowl, Mackay Leisure Centre, and Rocky Bowl & Leisure.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to connect and meet proprietors, managers, and coaches face to face in the North Queensland region,” said Chloe. “The trip proved to be invaluable in developing relationships within the Tenpin community”.

During the visit, Chloe was openly welcomed into each centre and spent time discussing and planning ways to connect TBA programs to their community members to increase participation numbers. The opportunity provided a chance to sit down and understand the existing community engagement initiatives and the existing programs offered at centres.

Through discussions, they were able to discuss:

  • Areas of success
  • Areas for growth and development
  • TBA Programs – Bowl Patrol, Bowl Abilities, and Sporting Schools – and potential strategies to implement and grow participation in these programs
  • In-centre activities
  • Marketing initiatives

“It was fantastic to understand each centres’ operations and how they engage the community through Tenpin Bowling. I look forward to developing these relationships from this connection and measuring the success of program growth within each centre,” said Chloe.

TBA participation programs like Bowl Patrol, Bowl Abilities and Sporting Schools are fantastic programs designed to introduce people to the sport.

“The ‘learn to bowl’ programs are a great pathway for people who are new to bowling to be able to bowl more often. Whether that’s gaining confidence to bowl with friends, joining a league to representing Australia – we all have to start somewhere” remarks TBA’s Sport Programs and Development Manager, Emily Rennes.

In a continued effort to connect and work collaboratively with TBA registered centres, centre visits by TBA aim to establish and foster relationships required to enhance mutual outcomes for both the businesses and the sport. The collaborative approach belongs to the Pinned Together pillar of TBA’s three-year strategic plan. The pillar focuses on collaborating with all stakeholders within the sport and driving to agreed outcomes and goals.

TBA will continue to work closely with TBA Queensland (TBAQ) on growing the sport in the sunshine state.

“The work of TBAQ to enhance the profile and promotion of the sport, particularly in schools, has been extraordinary and is a credit to all involved.  We will continue to work closely with TBAQ to deliver more opportunities for the sport and to grow participation through Bowl Patrol, Bowl Abilities and Sporting Schools” said Rennes.

Chloe’s four centres on the NQ trip are running TBA participation programs in the upcoming Term two period. For more information regarding these programs, contact Chloe Fadl on [email protected] or visit any of the three program website pages here:


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