TBA welcomes a change in approach to community coaching

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
April 5, 2022

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) has welcomed Sports Australia’s new approach to community coaching to encourage more people to play, coach and enjoy sport.

Labelled as the most significant transformation in more than 40 years, Sport Australia has revealed a new modern coaching approach that focuses on the participant’s individual needs, aspirations, and motivations to play the sport.

The new coaching approach was developed in collaboration with the sports sector and aims to educate and empower coaches to create safe, fun, and inclusive environments where participants, volunteers, and community sports can thrive.

“We know that in 2022, Australians engage with sport in a different way, and the national coaching model developed in the 1970s doesn’t meet today’s expectations,” Australian Sports Commission CEO Kieren Perkins OAM said.

“Our new approach will help Australia’s half a million community coaches reach their full potential and deliver the best possible experience for everyone involved. The new approach will reshape the sporting experience and encourage more people to play, coach and enjoy sport.

“We are now working closely with over 40 sports to help them revolutionise their coaching approach and developing a range of new offerings to support coaches at all levels.

“For Australia to succeed in the lead-up to Brisbane 2032, we must reimagine sport and the environment coaches create is central to this.”

Sport Australia’s new approach involves ongoing learning and development for coaches rather than focusing only on skill development, winning, and moving up through coaching accreditation levels. This enables them to continually improve their skills for the benefit of participants, whether they are learning a new sport, playing socially or wanting to compete at a higher level.

Tenpin Bowling Australia Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rohan O’Neill has praised the new approach and believes the change is critical in supporting coaches deliver to the modern-day participant.

“We are pleased with the work to date by Sport Australia and support the direction they are taking community coach training into the future,” said O’Neill.

“Adapting with the times is vital to accommodate the changing expectations of the participant and athlete.

“People choose to connect to a sport for varying reasons, and we will be working with Sport Australia and this national coaching model to review our own approach,” added O’Neill.

Launching in a few weeks, community coaches across the country will soon have access to free online education through the Australian Sport Learning Centre to strengthen essential skills to deliver a whole new sporting experience.

“The Sport Australia online education and courses will complement and further enhance our updated coaching structure and pathways that we revised in 2021,” said TBA Education and High-Performance Manager Mike Griffith.

“We are committed to providing the best education and support for our coaches and are excited to share the ongoing learning opportunities that Sport Australia are providing.

“We will consider how this national coaching model will apply in a tenpin bowling environment and ensure we continue to support our coaches in the crucial role they play in the sport,” added Griffith.

Please note that the Sport Australia courses count towards the personal development hours and renewal requirements for accredited coaches.

More information about the new approach can be found here. https://www.sportaus.gov.au/coaching