TBA Wrapped 2022

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
December 16, 2022

What a year 2022 has been!

Tenpin Bowling Australia Chief Executive Officer Rohan O’Neill provided his formal wrap of 2022 yesterday, which you can read by clicking here

Accredited High Achievements

300 Club

Check out all the superstars who achieved a perfect game in 2022 at our 300 Club by clicking here

The oldest person to bowl a 300 game

At the age of 77 years and four months, Garry van Wyck became the oldest person in Australia to bowl a recognised 300 game. – click here to read more

600 series (back-to-back 300 games)

After bowling his first-ever accredited game in late October, Corey Anderson from Bowlerama Wetherill Park in NSW went a step further and completed the rare 600 two-game series in late November 2022. Corey bowled back-to-back perfect games (300) to achieve the milestone for the first time since 2017.


Ball Park Pin Distribution Breakdown

  • Award Header Bars   2000
  • 50 Game        75
  • 75 Game      250
  • 100 Game    1100
  • 125 Game    2300
  • 150 Game    3100
  • 175 Game    3100
  • 200 Game    2300
  • 225 Game    1300
  • 250 Game    650
  • 275 Game    350
  • 500 Series    1900
  • 550 Series    1350
  • 600 Series     850
  • 650 Series     600
  • 700 Series     650
  • 750 Series     100
  • 50 Over Ave   4000
  • 75 Over Ave   1400
  • 100 Ove Ave    350
  • 7 – 10 split          12
  • 4-6-7-10 split      14
  • Dutch 200            9

Plaque Distribution Breakdown

  • 300 Free plaques – 73
  • 300 Paid plaques – 42
  • 800 Series Free plaques – 24
  • 600 Series (Back to Back) Free plaque – 1
  • 298 Game Paid plaque – 1
  • 299 Game Paid plaque – 9
  • 700 Series Paid plaque – 29
  • 800 Series Paid plaque – 2
  • 1000 Series paid plaque – 12


TenpinResults power the results and stats of most of our members across the country.

Let’s see how we went this year in some key metrics as of 6 December 2022:

TBA Registration

2023 TBA Registration

Have you signed up for 2023 yet? TBA’s Early Bird Period is open until the end of the year when it closes on 31 December 2022. Don’t miss out to register at discounted prices and put your name in the running to win some fantastic prizes. Read more here


Accredited events

A total of 255 events were accredited with TBA in 2022 (up from 240 in 2021).

Ranked Events

An increase in completed ranked events also occurred in 2022 as the nation began to navigate itself away from the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read all about the 2022 ranking winners by clicking here

Congratulations to all bowlers who tested themselves against the best in 2022 and for those thinking of making the next step in 2022, keep an eye out for entry forms and information for the 2023 Ranked Event season by clicking here

Tenpin Bowling Australia congratulates the following champions of the 2022 Ranked Event season.

  1. Vic150 – Amy Shoesmith and Kerryl Galletly – click here to read
  2. Qld Ladies Classic – Rebekah Commane – click here to read 
  3. Australian Masters – Chloe Clague and Zane Carlson – click here to read
  4. NSW Open – Rebekah Martin – click here to read

Tenpin Premier League

The inaugural season of the sport’s new elite competition, the Tenpin Premier League kicked off in 2022 with plenty of exciting action.

We thank all our supporters and sponsors of the events as without your assistance, these events do not happen.

We thank all the amazing bowlers that featured in the inaugural season. Your dedication and commitment to helping grow the sport were incredible to witness.

Keep an eye out for what’s in store in 2023 for the second TPL season.

We congratulate the following champions of the inaugural Tenpin Premier League season.


Online Entries

In 2022, most of our ranked events turned online to process entries. In addition, several accredited events did the same after realising the power and volunteer hours it saves.

  • These entries were submitted by exactly 1,000 people
  • There are 1,197 unique BOWLERS in those entries (so 197 bowlers that never entered themselves (some of those will be probably seniors and bowlers from NZ in the ANC events)

Tenpin Results also powered all the results and stats for the 2022 Para Bowling World Cup and 2022 Tenpin World Cup.

Have a look at some of the stats for this period:

  • The bulk of users come from participating countries, led by USA at 9.2K users (nearly 1/3 of the 34K total). The highest viewership from a non-participating country was the UK in 12th but in total 117 different countries checked out events.
  • The Singles qualifying was far and away the most popular, with the men at 302K views and the ladies at 254K views ahead of the Male Matchplay at 178K views

International Events

For the first time since 2019, Australia competed and hosted international events in 2022.

We congratulate all bowlers who received the honour to don the green and gold in 2022.

In 2022, we also claimed several medals at international events. We congratulate the following bowlers who claimed medals and titles at official IBF or ABF events.

  • U21 World Championship Men’s Team Event – Bronze – click here to read
  • Gold medal Sam Cooley at World Gamesclick here to read
  • Para World Cup Individual Event Gold – Amanda Threlfall and Kallan Strong – click here to read
  • World Cup Silver – Jason Belmonte – Individual men’s competition and World Cup Bronze in Men’s team competition – click here to read

Digital Summary

Total visits to the website

620, 684 to the 5 December 2022

Top 3 Pages Visited

1)            IBF World Cup – 119, 289

2)            Ranked Events – 10,721

3)            ANC – 7441

Top 3 Posts Visited

1)            Team Australia ready to take on the world in Sweden – 5291

2)            Australia announced as hosts of World Cup – 2732

3)            TBA Launches TPL – 1201

Top 3 Facebook Posts in Reach

  1. TBA’s stance on United States Bowling Congress Storm ball banning – reach of 73,559, 1704 reactions
  2. World Cup Team Announcement – the reach of 54,578, 1941 reactions
  3. Sam Cooley wins gold at World Games – reach of 51, 633, 1559 reactions

Top 3 Instagram Posts in Reach

  1. World Cup Mens Champion Graphic – Paul Purps 1872 reach, 391 reactions
  2. Belmo climbs the ladder at PBA Players Championship – 1655 reach, 171 reactions
  3. Blake Walsh leads the Aussies out in style in NZ – 1330 reach, 232 reactions

Most Watched YouTube Video

AJ Jamal Celebrates first 300 game – 1,515 views, 29 likes, watch one of the best reactions of a bowler achieving their first accredited 300 game. Great work AJ!!


Coaches & Managers

Other events

  • We had an international Coaching Conference in Suncity as part of World Cup. A total of 24 coaches attended from around the world,
  • 13 coaches from Australia attended (Level 1, Bronze and Silver).

ANC 2022

For the second year in a row, Strike 3 Bowling conducted the Australian National Championship at Zone Bowling Moonah.

This year, junior bowlers and adult bowlers attended key events on the calendar.

We thank Strike 3 Bowling for their support and all bowlers who participated in this year’s events.

We also congratulate the following champions that were crowned during 2022 ANC.

You can read the entire ANC Results Wrap by clicking here

TBA50 National Championship

The TBA50 National Championships ran as a stand-alone event this year at Wyncity Keon Park in Victoria sporting a new format, there were several outstanding achievements over the championships.

We would like to thank the Victorian Government for their support of this event.

You can read up on our TBA50 hub for all the result links and what happened during the event by clicking here

We congratulate all the winners of this year’s event.

National Disability Championship

Oz Tenpin Epping in Victoria hosted 285 bowlers participating in the 33rd National Disability Championship in 2022.

You can read the entire recap with all the results by clicking here

We want to thank the Australian Disabilities Tenpin for their continued partnership in running this event and the Victorian Government who supported this year’s event.

Other Standout Achievements

Sometimes there are unique achievements that need to be recognised as much as possible.

2022 saw these two achieve things no other bowler has.

Cara Honeychurch – first tenpin bowler inducted into Sport Australia’s Hall of fame

Cara Honeychurch is one of Australia’s most successful tenpin bowlers. In recognition of her remarkable achievements in the sport, Honeychurch has been inducted into the prestigious Sport Australia Hall of Fame. Read more here

Jason Belmonte – record equalling 7th PBA Player of the Year award winner

He did it again! Jason Belmonte received his seventh PBA Player of the Year award capping a remarkable year for the 39 year-old bowler. Read more here

What did we miss? Add them on your social using the hashtag #tbawrapped22 – whatever you are proud of in 2022, we want to see it!