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July 3, 2023


12 July 2023

Blake Walsh wins Silver medal

Initially scheduled for 7.30 pm, the Stepladder Gold medal matches would not begin until 9 pm. The boys would have to wait for the Girl’s stepladder to finish, adding to the anxious wait for Aussies back home but not making things easy for Blake, who had spent considerable time resting since the matchplay phase.

Finally beginning after 10:15 pm, Blake would lose game one 206-180 and head to the second and final game down 26 pins. In game two, with the famous Aussie, Aussie, Aussie war cry in the background, Blake tried his best to fight back.

Ultimately, it wouldn’t be enough with Blake losing 237-169 in game two, providing a final score of 443-349. Blake would win a silver medal, capping off a fantastic debut Australian campaign.

Hannah Clark finishes 13th in Girl’s Masters

Congratulations to Hannah Clark who had a superb second block in the Girl’s Masters second block. Clark shot a total of 1,579 and collected a total of 40 bonus pins after winning 4 of 8 games.

Hannah would finish with a total of 2,986 pins plus 50 bonus for a grand total of 3,036 pins. The performance would boost Clark up the leaderboard three spots to finish in 13th place.

We congratulate Hannah on an outstanding campaign that delivered a bronze medal after her performance in the girl’s singles event.

Next up – Blake Walsh will be bowling for GOLD in the Boy’s Stepladder final.


🔥 Blake Walsh is on fire at the Asian Youth Championships Boy’s Masters event! 🏆 He just aced his second block, finishing in first place after winning 6 of his 8 games today.

Blake now advances to the three-person Stepladder final, scheduled to kick off at 7.30 pm AEST, right after the Girl’s second block. It’s going to be an intense showdown, and we need all of Australia’s support! 🇦🇺

Let’s rally behind Blake as he aims to bring home the FIRST Boy’s Masters medal since 2004. Remember that incredible two-handed bowler, Jason Belmonte, who won silver at the 12th Asian Youth Championships? It’s time to continue that legacy with Blake set to win either Gold or Silver! 🥇 🥈

For links to the live stream, results, and the latest updates from Bangkok, Thailand, head over to the Team Hub on our website

Go Australia! Let’s show our support for Blake and give him a big round of applause! 💪🔥👏

Final Day at Asian Youth Championships

Today marks the culmination of an exhilarating week of competition at the 21st Asian Youth Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. 🎉

The bowlers are gearing up for the final day as they take on the second block of eight games in the Masters competition. The second block will see bowlers complete the remaining seven matchplay games before heading into a positional round to determine the top three contenders who will advance to the highly anticipated Stepladder final. 🎳

Starting off the day, the boys are up first, with Blake Walsh currently holding an impressive fifth place. He’s ready to unleash his best performance and seize the opportunity to secure a coveted medal. Let’s cheer him on every step of the way! 💪

Here’s the schedule for today’s thrilling events:

• 12:00 pm – Masters Finals Block 2 of 8 games – Boys

• 4:00 pm – Masters Finals Block 2 of 8 games – Girls

• 7:30 pm – Boys and Girls Masters Stepladder Finals

• 9:30 pm – Medal Presentation for Masters – Boys and Girls

Australia, let’s rally behind our team and give it our all on this final day! 🇦🇺 Together, let’s finish strong to conclude the championships. 🌟

11 July 2023


Team Australia’s Hannah Clark and Blake Walsh have successfully completed the first block of the 21st Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championships Masters finals. The Masters event began with the top 16 bowlers from the girl and boy All-Events standings playing the first eight games of matchplay. Bowlers earned 10 bonus pins for each win in matchplay.

Blake Walsh has positioned himself as a strong contender for a medal after an outstanding first block, finishing in fifth place. He won seven out of eight games, which was the equal highest number of wins among all participants, earning him 70 bonus points. With an average score of 204.25, Blake’s only loss occurred in the third match where he scored 153. Considering this anomaly, Blake performed consistently well and is now only 32 pins behind the bronze medal position. He is in a great position to strive for a medal in the second block.

On the other hand, Hannah Clark had a challenging start in her opening block, securing only one win and currently sitting in 16th place. Despite this, Hannah had an impressive campaign leading up to the masters event and will be determined to make a comeback in the second block, aiming to improve her standings and conclude the championships on a high note.

Tomorrow marks the final day of the championships, and the action will resume at 12:00 pm AEST with the commencement of the second block of eight games, starting with the boys’ competition. After the conclusion of the second block, the top three bowlers from each category will enter a Stepladder final to determine the medal winners.

Here is the schedule for tomorrow’s events:

  • 12:00 pm – Masters Finals Block 2 of 8 games – Boys
  • 4:00 pm – Masters Finals Block 2 of 8 games – Girls
  • 7:30 pm – Boys and Girls Masters Stepladder Finals
  • 9:30 pm – Medal Presentation for Masters – Boys and Girls

Let’s give it our all and finish strong, Australia! 🇦🇺


Get ready, because it’s time for the Masters event, and Team Australia has not one, but two incredible bowlers representing us! The competition kicks off today, and we couldn’t be more excited! 🎳💥

The Masters event brings together the top 16 bowlers from the Boys and Girls All-Events standings, and they will battle it out in two blocks of eight games before the top five will advance to a Stepladder final to determine the ultimate medal winners. 🥇🥈🥉

Let’s introduce our Australian representatives for the Masters:

👉 Hannah Clark – Hailing from Queensland, Hannah Clark has been a force to be reckoned with throughout the championships. Her remarkable performances secured her an impressive 11th position in the Girls’ All-Events standings. 🌟🎳

Notably, Hannah’s standout performance came in the singles event, where she clinched a well-deserved bronze medal. In doing so, she became the first female Australian to claim a singles event medal since 1997 when Maxine Nable won a silver medal at the 9th Asian Youth Championships in the Philippines. 🥉🎉

Hannah Clark’s Statistics: • Singles: 1,222 • Doubles: 1,152 • Teams: 1,070 • Total Pinfall: 3,444 • Average: 191.33 • All-Events: 11th Place

👉 Blake Walsh – The boy from Ballina, Blake Walsh, has showcased his remarkable talent and determination, especially considering his junior age and this being his first official international event for Australia. He finished a fantastic 8th place in the All-Events standings. 💪🎳

Blake’s standout performance came in the singles event, where he shot an impressive 1,300 over six games, securing a commendable 6th-place finish. He missed out on a bronze medal by a mere 29 pins!

Blake Walsh’s Statistics: • Singles: 1,300 • Doubles: 1,208 • Teams: 1,208 • Total Pinfall: 3,716 • Average: 206.44 • All-Events: 8th Place

The Masters action is about to commence at 12pm AEST, with the Girls leading the way in the first block of eight games. 🌟🎳

Don’t miss a moment of the thrilling competition! Here’s the schedule: • 12pm AEST – Masters Finals Block 1 of 8 games – Girls • 4pm AEST – Masters Finals Block 1 of 8 games – Boys

Stay tuned to our Team Australia hub on our website for all the latest updates! Let’s show our support and rally behind our talented bowlers! 🎉📲🌐

10 July 2023

Girls finish Teams Event

The Team Australia girls have successfully completed their second block of the Teams of Four event at the Asian Youth Championships. They secured 6th place in the standings, producing a total of 4,222 pins over the six games.

South Australian Emily Hart stood out in the event, averaging 183 for the six games. Despite her impressive performance, Emily fell just short of qualifying for the masters, missing the cut by a heartbreaking 15 pins and finishing in 17th place.

We extend our congratulations to Hannah Clark, who qualified for the girl’s masters by securing 11th place in the All-Events race. Hannah’s scores included 1,222 in singles, 1,152 in doubles, and 1,070 in the team’s event, accumulating a total of 3,444 pins over the 18 games for an average of 191.33.

Unfortunately, Samantha Clifton narrowly missed advancing, finishing in 19th place with a total of 3,335 pins, and Ellieh Bowman concluded her campaign in 29th place, scoring 3,140 pins.

We commend all the girls for their exceptional efforts at the Championships.

Moving forward, the next challenge for the team is the MASTERS.

The top 16 in each gender will compete in two blocks of 8 games each. The girls’ competition will commence tomorrow at 12 pm AEST. Let’s Go Aussies!!

Boys finish Teams event

The boys of Team Australia have successfully completed their second block of the Teams of Four event at the Asian Youth Championship. The boy’s finished in 14th position, securing a total score of 4,473 over the course of six games.

Leading the pack was Blake Walsh, who achieved an average of 201.33 across the six games. Not far behind was Jordan Harrold, with an average of 196.83. We commend both for their outstanding performances.

We are delighted to announce that Blake Walsh has qualified for the boy’s master’s event, securing 8th place in the All Events standings.

In this highly competitive tournament, the top 16 players from each gender qualify for the master’s event. Blake’s scores of 1,300 in singles, 1,208 in doubles, and 1,208 in teams contributed to his total of 3,716 pins, resulting in an impressive average of 206.44 throughout the championships.

In addition to Blake’s success, we would also like to acknowledge the following boys for their placements in the All Events standings:

  • Jordan Harrold – 37th place with a score of 3,424
  • Luke Doyle – 58th place with a score of 3,229
  • Ryan Chi – 63rd place with a score of 3,121

For a detailed overview of the Boy’s All Events standings, please visit the following link: View All Events Standings

Now, it’s the girls’ turn to showcase their talent as they enter block two of the Team of Four event. We wish them the best of luck in their upcoming matches!

Last Day of Team of Four Event

Team Australia is set to continue their Team of Four event today at the Asian Youth Championship, entering the second and final block.

The girls’ team finds themselves a mere 54 pins away from the Philippines, who currently holds the bronze medal position. On the other hand, the boys’ team is 155 pins behind Thailand, the current occupants of the bronze medal spot.

  • Boys Team Block 2 – 12:00 pm AEST
  • Girls Team Block 2 – 4:00 pm AEST
  • Medal Presentations for Team of Four Event – 7:00 pm AEST

Here’s an update on the All Events race: 👀

  • Hannah Clark (10th), Emily Hart (16th), and Samantha Clifton (17th) are all in contention for a spot in the top 16, which would allow them to advance to the girls’ masters competition.
  • Hannah Clark is currently trailing by 151 pins in her pursuit of the bronze medal position in the Girls All-Events competition.
  • Blake Walsh remains in a strong position, occupying the 5th place in the Boys All-Events competition.
  • Walsh is narrowly behind Lee Myeongcheol from Korea by a margin of 15 pins, who currently holds the bronze medal position.
  • Jordan Harrold is currently in the 38th position, trailing by 173 pins from the current cut line for the masters.

We extend our best wishes to the team for their continued success and hope for high scores today! 🇦🇺

We also wish to thank the Thai Tenpin Bowling Federation for capturing some fantastic photos during the tournament.

9 July 2023

Boys complete First Block

Team Australia’s boys have successfully completed their first block of the Teams of Four event at the Asian Youth Championship.

Presently, they occupy the 12th position after scoring a total of 2,235 points in their initial three games.

Blake Walsh continued to impress, amassing a score of 622 across the first three games.

As a result, Walsh currently holds the 5th place in the All Events race for the boys, with a narrow gap of 15 pins behind the bronze medal position.

Teams Event Begins

Team Australia has kicked off the Teams of Four event today, and our talented girls have successfully completed their first block of games. Each team will have the opportunity to complete two blocks, consisting of three games each.

As of now, the Aussie girls are positioned in sixth place, after posting a total score of 2,119 across the three games. They are just 54 pins away from the Philippines, who currently holds the bronze medal position.

Emily Hart emerged as the top scorer for the Aussie team, achieving a score of 553 and maintaining an impressive average of 184.

Hannah Clark (10th), Emily Hart (16th) and Samantha Clifton (17th) are currently in contention to qualify for the Top 16 Masters event with one block of teams to go tomorrow.

Meanwhile, our boys have taken to the lanes and are currently beginning their first block.

8 July 2023

Doubles Finished

Team Australia has successfully concluded their doubles event at the Asian Youth Championships with the completion of squad two. Hannah Clark and Emily Hart performed admirably, securing a third-place finish in their squad with a total score of 2,227. This achievement places them in 7th position in the combined standings, right behind the Australian pair of Samantha Clifton and Ellieh Bowman, who earned a score of 2,251 in squad 1.

Following her recent bronze medal win in the female event, Hannah Clark showcased her exceptional form by maintaining an average score of 192 in the doubles event. She achieved a score of 1,222 in the singles event, and further contributed with a score of 1,152 in the doubles, solidifying her position in 7th place in the All-Events standings.

For the boys’ team, Blake Walsh and Jordan Harrold put on an impressive performance, securing a second-place finish in their squad with a total score of 2,294. This accomplishment places them in 5th position in the combined standings.

Blake Walsh, who positioned himself as a strong contender for a medal in the singles event, continued to exhibit excellent play, maintaining an average score of 201.33 for a total of 1,208 over the six games. Currently, Walsh sits in 7th position on the All-Events standings, with a total of 1,300 in the singles event and 1,208 in the doubles event.

Squad three is scheduled to conclude at 8:00 pm AEST tonight, followed by the medal presentations. Team Australia will reconvene tomorrow for the initial rounds of the Teams of Four event. The girls’ team is set to commence their matches at 12:00 pm, while the boys’ team will begin at 4:00 pm AEST.

Team Australia continues its Asian Youth Championships campaign today with more doubles action on the agenda.

Below is the agenda for Saturday in Thailand based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST):

  • Boys & Girls Doubles Squad 2 – 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm
  • Boys & Girls Doubles Squad 3- 4:30 pm -8:00 pm
  • Medal Presentation for Doubles – 8:15 pm

Australians Emily Hart, Hannah Clark, Blake Walsh and Jordan Harrold will once again be competing in Squad 2.

We wish the Aussies the best of luck and high scoring today 🇦🇺 🇦🇺 🇦🇺

7 July 2023

Clark awarded Bronze Medal & Doubles Event begins



Following the ceremony, the team began the doubles section of the campaign.

Squad one for the girls included Samantha Clifton and Ellieh Bowman. The girls performed strongly and ended up with a total of 2,251 which was just shy of a top-three ranking in the squad and finishing in 4th place. After a third place in her singles squad, Samantha Clifton was impressive again averaging 191 over the six games. Her performance has her well placed as 12th in the All Events standings with the top 16 making the cut for the Masters Finals.

For the boys, Luke Doyle and Ryan Chi finished in 9th place in the squad after producing 2,195 in their six games. Both boys are warming to conditions with both increasing their production in the doubles event.

Tomorrow the team will return for more doubles action with squad two and three hitting the lanes. The Aussies are in squad two and they will commence at approximately 12 pm AEST.

Hannah Clark wins Bronze at Asian Youth Championships

🌟Team Australia have clinched a medal at the 21st Asian Youth Championships in Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭✨

🥉Congratulations to Hannah Clark who has won the bronze medal in the female singles event 🥉

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement 🙌🏆🎉

This is the first medal an Australian female bowler has won at an Asian Youth Championships singles female event since the 9th Asian Youth Championship in the Philippines in 1997 when Maxine Nable won a silver medal.

An outstanding achievement Hannah 👏

You can watch the medal ceremony here.

Following very strong performances from squad 3, Hannah Clark hung on and claimed the bronze medal but unfortunately, Emily Hart wasn’t as fortunate and slid down to fourth position.

For the boys, Blake Walsh who was in silver medal contention prior to squad three commencing, slid down to sixth position. The slides point to the strength of squad three.

Medal Winners for the Singles Events:

🏆 Female Division 🏆

🥇 Choi Yurin (Korea) – 1,236
🥈 Arianne Tay (Singapore) – 1,227
🥉 Hannah Clark (Australia) – 1.222

🏆 Male Division 🏆

🥇 Lan Shao Kang (Taiwan) – 1,362
🥈 Muhammad Hariz Adlan Azman (Malaysia) – 1,349
🥉 Vilinkorn Kiedkaew (Thailand) – 1,329
🥉 Mike Ong (Singapore) – 1,329

We are so very proud of our teams’ efforts and it’s only the beginning!

Doubles start now with one squad scheduled for today.

  • Samantha Clifton and Ellieh Bowman – Lane 17
  • Ryan Chi and Luke Doyle – Lane 3

Teams will now compete on the medium oil pattern for the doubles event. This can be found here

Squad one is scheduled to hit the lanes at 4:30 pm.

Let’s go Aussies!!!!

P.S The stream quality has been a lot better today, go to Terrence Yaw’s youtube account here

The Waiting Game Begins

Even though no Aussies are in the third and final squad for the singles event, Team Australia are paying close attention!

Several bowlers are in contention for medals but won’t know until squad 3 finishes their block if we win any medals.

Scores to keep your 👀 on

Let’s Goooooooooooooooooo AUSTRALIA!!! 🇦🇺

6 July 2023

Australia Dominates in Second Singles Squad

Team Australia continues to showcase their impressive talent at the Asian Youth Championships in Bangkok, Thailand, as they dominated the second squad of the singles event. Hannah Clark and Blake Walsh both emerged as top performers in their respective squads, joining Emily Hart as strong contenders for medals in the singles event.

Queenslander Hannah Clark achieved a remarkable total score of 1,222 over six games, with an average of 203.67, securing the top position in squad two. Fellow team member Ellieh Bowman made her Australian debut and finished in 9th position in the same squad, concluding with a score of 1,016.

Clark’s outstanding performance has propelled her to the leading position in the combined girls’ standings, surpassing Emily Hart’s score from the first squad by four pins. With one squad remaining, the Australian team is now in contention for gold and silver medals.

“I’m incredibly excited. I was quite nervous at the start of the singles event, but I’m proud of my performance and how I finished,” expressed Clark after the squad. “After a few games, I felt the lanes opening up, allowing me to generate more ball movement, which helped me relax even further.”

Hart, reflecting on her own performance, stated, “I was extremely nervous before the squad, but my goal for today was to learn new techniques and maintain an average above 200, which I successfully achieved.”

In the second squad for the boys, Blake Walsh from Ballina and Queensland’s Jordan Harrold showcased their skills. Harrold quickly ascended to the top of the leaderboard with an impressive first game score of 247. It didn’t take long for Walsh to surge up the standings and claim the top spot in the squad with an incredible average of 216.67 on the long pattern, while Harrold also delivered a strong performance, finishing in eighth place with an average of 192.83.

Despite Blake’s exceptional performance in squad two, Thailand’s Vlinkorn Kiedkaew finished 29 pins ahead of the Australian. As the final squad approaches, Walsh is currently in contention for a silver medal.

“I’m feeling absolutely fantastic,” exclaimed Walsh. “I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to represent my country.”

As we eagerly await the results, let’s stay updated with the standings of the third squads that are scheduled to commence at 12 pm AEST. Additionally, the first squad of the doubles event is scheduled to commence at 4:30 pm AEST, following the presentations for the singles event.

Head Coach Bowness has announced the following pairings for the doubles event:


  • Samantha Clifton and Ellieh Bowman – Lane 17
  • Ryan Chi and Luke Doyle – Lane 3


  • Hannah Clark and Emily Hart – Lane 21
  • Blake Walsh and Jordan Harrold – Lane 8

We will continue to provide updates throughout the day. Lettttsss Go Aussies!

📷Credit to for the pictures

Squad 1 Singles Finished

Team Australia has started strongly at the Asian Youth Championships Singles event with one of three squads completing their six games.

Two girls and two boys from Team Australia competed in squad 1 as reported earlier.

The girls were the standout for Australia with Emily Hart bowling superbly on her way to sit top of squad 1 averaging 203 over the six games. Samantha Clifton also bowled amazingly averaging 191.83 on her way to sitting in third position for the squad.  

It’s a great start for the two girls in the race to the masters. Still, it will be a nervous wait as the last two squads are yet to play (one this afternoon and one tomorrow) to see if their play was good enough for medals. 🤞

Bowling for the first time for Australia, the boys of Ryan Chi and Luke Doyle struggled to get anything going in the singles event and will be looking to respond in the doubles event.

Squad 2 is up next!

Ellieh Bowman and Hannah Clark are up for the girls, and Blake Walsh and Jordan Harrold are up for the boys.

We also have our fingers crossed that the stream quality will continue to improve as the event moves forward. We are told there is a bit of an internet issue at the bowl contributing to the poor quality streams. Fingers crossed we see improvement for the afternoon session 🤞

Please keep up with all the latest on the official ABF website as our next update will likely come tomorrow morning recapping how squad 2 went.

Credit to for the below pictures gained from their photo album.


Streams can be viewed using this link

It’s Competition Time!

Team Australia is gearing up to begin their 2023 Asian Youth Championships campaign with the singles event set to get underway today.

The opening ceremony welcomed the 17 competing teams to the event yesterday. The Aussie flag was waved proudly by flag bearer Hannah Clark. After the formal proceedings, the team was treated to a superb Pom Pom Dance performance followed by a traditional Thai offering of flowers for good luck in the competition. Check out some great snaps taken by our head coach during the ceremony and the practice sessions – the team are having some fun before the serious stuff happens.

Also thank you and credit to for the below pictures gained from their photo album.

You can view the stream of the opening ceremony by clicking here

Today marks the first day of competition and the Singles event is on the agenda.  Below is the schedule based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

  • Lane Maintenance – 10:30 – 11:45
  • Practice – 11:50 – 12:00
  • Squad 1 (Long Oil) – 12:00 -15:30
  • Lane Maintenance – 15:30 – 16:20
  • Practice – 16:20 -16:30
  • Squad 2 (Long Oil) – 16:30-20:00

Australia has been placed in squads 1 and 2.

The Australian representatives in Squad 1 look set to be:

  • Emily Hart, Samantha Clifton, Ryan Chi and Luke Doyle

Squad 2 Aussies

  • Ellieh Bowman, Hannah Clark, Jordan Harrold and Blake Walsh

Participants will bowl six games in their squad.

If we receive confirmation of the lane schedule we will supply this in the hub.

The stream link seems to be currently down but we will continue to monitor it throughout the day.

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes all bowlers the very best of luck and high scoring!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!

5 July 2023

Opening Day

It’s the opening ceremony day at the 21st Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. Yesterday, federations came together for the managers meeting to finalize ball registrations for each bowler. To get a complete recap of the manager’s meeting, please click here.

Today, an official opening ceremony will be held at the Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl in Ratchayothin, Bangkok, welcoming all 17 federations. The event is expected to be attended by numerous government dignitaries and sponsors. We are uncertain if the ceremony will be streamed, but you can keep an eye on the stream link page by clicking here.

Following the opening ceremony and welcome reception, teams will proceed with their official practices. There will be two squads of official practice sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours.

Tomorrow, the action will begin! The boys and girls singles event will have three squads. The singles event will take place on the long oil pattern of the competition, which can be found by clicking here.

Below is the entire schedule for day two, as published currently on the ABF website. Please note that Thailand is three hours behind AEST, so kindly adjust your schedule according to the local times listed below.

07:30 – 08:45Lane Maintenance
08:50 – 09:00Practice
09:00 – 12:30Boys and Girls Singles Squad 1 (Long Oil)
12:30 – 13:20Lane Maintenance
13:20 – 13:30Practice
13:30 – 17:00Boys and Girls Singles Squad 2 (Long Oil)

Credit to for the below pictures gained from their photo album.

Head Coach Geoff Bowness and Manager Roselee Oakley at the Team Manager’s Meeting

21st Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championship Tournament Committee

Mr Mike Seymour

Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl, Ratchayothin, Bangkok

The excitement is building and heating up in Bangkok but don’t tell our Aussie team that! They look well-equipped for any heat that might come their way  😎

4 July 2023

The team is well and truly settled into Thailand and has completed some unofficial practice sessions that were planned for today.

The team visited Black Canyon Restaurant and was amazed by the robots that were delivering their meals.

3 July 2023

Australia lands in Thailand

Team Australia has landed safely in Bangkok, Thailand to begin preparations for the 21st Asian Youth Championships.

We will provide updates as we receive them but please keep up-to-date with the latest by following along on the ABF website.

Upon arrival, the team has been taking in the sights and sounds of Bangkok and building chemistry in preparation for their first unofficial practice session.

📷Credit to for the pictures

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