Team Australia Ready to Showcase Skills & Unity at Asian Youth Championship

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
July 5, 2023

Team Australia has arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, for the highly anticipated 21st Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championship, set to take place from July 4-12 at Blu-O Rhythm and Bowl.  

Hosted by the Thai Tenpin Bowling Association, this eight-day event will bring together 17 federations from the Asian/Oceania region.

The teams competing at the event are:

1. Australia

2. Bahrain

3. China

4. Hong Kong, China

5. Korea

6. Kuwait

7. Macau, China

8. Malaysia

9. New Zealand

10. Oman

11. Philippines

12. Qatar

13. Saudi Arabia

14. Singapore

15. Chinese Taipei

16. Vietnam

17. Thailand

Led by the experienced head coach, Geoff Bowness, Team Australia’s eight-person squad is brimming with excitement as they prepare to compete against some of the best athletes in the Asian district. 

“After a long hiatus due to the impact of Covid-19, this championship provides the perfect opportunity for each athlete to gauge themselves and showcase their skills in a post-pandemic era” explained Bowness. “Seeing the team work and function as a team at all stages of preparation has been amazing”.

The team has left no stone unturned in their preparations, ensuring they are in peak form for the championship. Two intensive training camps at the AGL National High-Performance Centre have focused on honing their performance on various lane patterns and adapting to the Asian patterns they will encounter during the event.

“The first camp was about performing on long, medium, and short lane patterns with an oil ratio less than 2:1” explained Bowness. “The team members had the chance to test different coverstocks including urethane on three lane oils while the second camp was about teamwork on the Asian patterns”.

Speaking about the significance of team spirit, Coach Bowness highlights the vital role it plays in the journey to success. With unwavering support for each other, the team understands the value of having everyone’s back throughout the entire competition.

“Without a doubt, a team is built on this very fact. The idea that everyone has each other’s back for the entire trip cannot be understated,” said Bowness.

As for their strategies and techniques, Team Australia prefers to keep them under wraps. They believe in the evolution of their approach, adapting day by day to the challenges presented on the lanes. Flexibility and adaptability will be key components of their game plan in the quest to achieve their goals.

“Achievement is an individual pursuit but hopefully everyone can realise their dreams and goals,” said Bowness.

“Sticking to the process and allowing their performance to flow is key.

“Setting goals to win or medal can often be misleading in the minds of athletes, so we prefer to stick to the process” added Bowness.

Anticipating the upcoming challenges, Coach Bowness points out that weather conditions and the bowling centre’s air conditioning might pose obstacles. Furthermore, the team acknowledges the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has reshaped the competitive landscape and introduced new, eager athletes from various federations.

“No team can be underestimated, and every match will demand their utmost effort and concentration” stated Bowness.

Team Australia expresses their gratitude to the personal athlete coaches, parents, and bowling centres that have supported them on their journey. They also extend a heartfelt thank you to all involved in assembling the team, including Rohan, Nic, Nathan, Gareth, Matt, Kris, and the entire TBA office staff.

“Special recognition goes to Peter Finitsis and Roselee Oakley for their unwavering support of the ideals of sport,” said Bowness.

To the athletes, Coach Bowness delivered one last message.

“To the on-lane engine, the athletes, go hard, believe in yourselves, and leave nothing in the tank”.

Team Australia will be welcomed with an opening ceremony and welcome reception today before conducting their official practice squads. The competition will begin tomorrow with squads 1 and 2 of the Singles event set to get underway.

🇦🇺 Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes Team Australia the very best of luck and high scoring during the event.🇦🇺

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Townsville Tenpin & Fun Centre

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Bowland Salisbury
South Australia

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Logan City Tenpin

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Dullboys Social Co
New South Wales

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Ballina Tenpin
New South Wales

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