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By Tenpin Bowling Australia
June 17, 2022

Final Results

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Men’s Singles

  • Gold: Malaysia – A.Azriq
  • Silver: Sweden – C.Eklund
  • Bronze: Korea – J.Bae and Sweden – R.Ilhammar

Women’s Singles

  • Gold: Singapore – C.Pee
  • Silver: Malaysia – A.Addini
  • Bronze: USA – V.Varano and Puerto Rico – Z.Reyes

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Men’s Doubles

  • Gold: Sweden – C.Eklund and R.Ilhammar
  • Silver: Korea – J.Geun and B.Junghun
  • Bronze: Malaysia – A.Amri and M.Zaqrul / Philippines- S.Diwa and M.Custodio

Women’s Doubles

  • Gold: Singapore – A.Tay and C.Pee
  • Silver: France – E.Friant and M.Grandsire
  • Bronze: Sweden- N.Johansson and E.Halttunen/ Singapore- O.Luyi and N.Tay

Men’s Team

  • Gold: Czech Republic
  • Silver: USA
  • Bronze: Australia and Saudi Arabia

Women’s Team

  • Gold: Singapore
  • Silver: USA
  • Bronze: Korea and Sweden

Mixed Team

  • Gold: Singapore
  • Silver: Sweden
  • Bronze: Colombia and Malaysia

Streaming – Sporfie

All the action from the IBF U21 World Championships in Helsingborg, Sweden, will be streamed live on the Sporfie platform. There are replays of some of the events available.

Click here to be taken to the IBF Streaming page on Sporfie

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Updated: 30 June 2022

Team Australia is coming home with a medal!

Lining up in the men’s team final, Team Australia took on event favourite Team USA in the best of three-game semifinal on their journey for a bronze medal at the IBF u21 World Championships.

The Aussies fought in the first game but would eventually bow out in straight sets to Team USA on their way to claim bronze from the event.

  • Game 1 – Team USA 215 defeats Australia 182
  • Game 2 – Team USA 222 defeats Australia 159

In the second semifinal, second place in Group B’s matchplay, the Czech Republic took on the top team from Group A – Saudi Arabia. The match would end in straight sets with the Czech Republic victors and booking a spot in the gold medal match against Team USA.

  • Game 1 – Czech Republic 231 defeats Saudi Arabia 192
  • Game 2 – Czech Republic 258 defeats Saudi Arabia 207

The gold medal match went down to the wire, with the match going the distance to three games. In a heart-stopping finish, the Czech Republic would cause an upset by defeating Team USA for the gold medal.

  • Game 1 – Czech Republic 241 defeats Team USA 214
  • Game 2 – Team USA 207 defeats Czech Republic 179
  • Game 3 – Czech Republic 268 defeats Team USA 259

The IBF under 21 World Championships has concluded after the last day of competition showcased the finals for all events.

Tenpin Bowling Australia and its members congratulate Team Australia for representing the country proudly and achieving success by bringing home a medal.

All the final results can be found in the relevant links at the top of this page.

Updated: 29 June 2022

Team Australia completed the last day of competition last night with the Mixed Team’s event before the finals get underway tonight at the IBF under 21 World Championships in Sweden.

The two Australian mixed teams consisted of:

  • AUS1 – Bernie Grueso Jnr, Emily Bottomley, Sarah Pennicott, and Jamie Robinson
  • AUS2 – Cameron Stein, Hannah Clark, Ashlyn Mohr, and Nixon Chan

The mixed team’s event saw ten games of baker format take place with both Australian teams performing strongly yet missing out on match play qualification.

  • AUS1 – 189,181,185,216,257,178,191,213,192,204 – Total 2,006, Average 200.60 and finishing in 22nd place
  • AUS2 –   209,216,207,213,193,166,202,197,203,159 – Total 1,965, Average 196.5 and finishing in 25th place

The nations of Singapore, Colombia, Malaysia and hosts Sweden progress to the Semi-finals that will take place on the last day.

The last day of the competition will see all event finals taking place in a best of three bracket format.

Team Australia is excited to take place on this day after qualifying for the men’s team event and will face Team USA in the semi-finals. The winner of the match will advance to the gold medal match with the loser winning bronze medals.

The semi-final against Team USA is scheduled to occur at 11.30 pm AEST.

Tenpin Bowling Australia and its members wish the team the best of luck and high scoring on the last day of the IBF under 21 World Championships.

Let’s go Team Australia!

Updated: 28 June 2022

Team Australia has qualified for the Men’s Team semi-finals at the IBF under 21 World Championships in Sweden overnight.

As the seventh day of competition got underway, the team’s event was the focus, with bowlers needing to complete ten games in the Baker format for qualification.

The Australian men’s and women’s teams would perform strongly in qualification, qualifying for the match play final stage.

Teams Qualification: (10 games)

  • Men: 216, 196, 202, 235, 182, 191, 244, 236, 199, 190 – Total of 2,091, Average 209.10 – 13th on overall standings – qualified for match play
  • Women: 194, 180, 155, 196, 192, 215, 176, 218, 199, 143 – Total of 1,868, Average 186.80 – 10th on overall standings – qualified for match play

The match play final stage quickly got underway, with both teams placed in a group of eight teams set to complete seven games with an aim to finish in the top two teams of their group to qualify for the medal rounds. Three points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss.

Teams Match play: (7 games)

  • Men: 245, 214, 288, 258, 193, 216 and 221: Total Points – 15 points (7 wins and 2 losses), second in Group A and has qualified for the semi-finals
  • Women: 180, 215, 182, 203, 157, 178, 214: Total Points 9 points (3 wins and 4 losses), seventh in Group B

All the match play results can be found here – Men and Women

The men’s match play performance has guaranteed that Australia will medal at the championships.

Finishing second in their group, the Aussies will now face the United States of America in the semi-finals. The USA went unbeaten in their match play group, winning all seven games. The semi-final winner will progress to the gold medal game, and the loser will receive bronze medals.

The team’s final will be on the competition’s last day, with all finals scheduled. From our early information, the men’s semi final will be on June 29 at 11:30 pm AEST. All finals are the best of three games.

Men’s Team Semifinals:

  1. Saudi Arabia vs Czech Republic – winner through to Gold Medal match. Loser wins Bronze.
  2. Australia vs United States of America – winner through to Gold medal match. Loser wins Bronze.

Next Up:

The last championship event kicks off tonight with the mixed team’s event. One last opportunity for bowlers to qualify for the finals stage.

The Australians will be competing in two squads.

  • Squad 1 – Bernie Grueso Jnr, Emily Bottomley, Sarah Pennicott, and Jamie Robinson – 5:30 pm AEST
  • Squad 3 – Cameron Stein, Hannah Clark, Ashlyn Mohr, and Nixon Chan – 11:30 pm AEST
  • For all the results as they happen head here
  • All streaming of the event can be found here
  • To find out what lanes the Aussies will be on for the Mixed Team event, head to the Lane Draw – found here

Let’s go Team Australia!

Photo Credit: Nathan Stein

Updated: 27 June 2022

Overnight from the Coach and Management via email:

In another long day the Australian Men’s Doubles combination of Stein and Chan have finished 5th in Group B Match Play. High games of 203 205 235 211 213 and 219 with the team locked in an 8 lane battle saw brilliance and despair as Group A proved marginally stronger. Australia finished 12th in the IBF World Doubles Baker format style play.

Five hours later the Men’s team of Chan, Stein, Grueso Jnr and Robinson backed up for another 10 Baker games in the Team qualification process. Success was theirs as they advance easily into the top 16 Match Play final.

The four person team who changed the lead bowler every game produced games of 216 202 235 244 and 236.

Tomorrow will be a very long day as the Women’s Team qualification is first up 9.30 am with 10 Baker games qualification. Followed by the men’s match play final. About 4 hours after the Women’s qualification the women should be back on the lanes for Women’s match play final.

Australia will be looking to have teams across all the events.

Updated: 26 June 2022

After two full days and 7 squads the top 16 doubles men’s and women’s combinations have been determined for match play.

Queenslander Cameron Stein and Nixon Chan from New South Wales have processed into the match play as part of the Top 16. Their 219 average settled them around late mid field with a 219 average. Their last four games of 224, 278, 235 and 226 certainly has our team on the edge of their seat as the Australians took position 11 (Scores: 178 182 237 244 251 193 224 278 235 226, Total: 2248 Average: 224.80). Click Here for the Full Results from the Men’s Doubles.

The combination of Bernie Grueso Jnr and Jamie Robinson  certainly had the crowd attentive as it looked like both Australian combinations would make the top 16. With the last two games of 237 and 268 the quest for a berth ended just 23 pins short in position 18.

Our women’s pairings are now in preparation for the teams event, the team of Emily Bottomley and Sarah Pennicott were denied a place in the top 16 by just 67 pins after a remarkable run in their last four games 210, 223, 201 and 210.

The pace of the schedule increases now, with the Men’s Double Play at 12pm and the Men’s Team event commencing at 5.30pm (Local Event Time) – the Women will also contest a face schedule with the Women’s Team event commencing early in the day and followed by the Women’s 16 Match Play on the same day. See the schedule above for all the time conversations.

Update: 24 June 2022

This update comes directly from Coach Geoff Bowness and Team Manage Roselee Oakley:

Men’s singles after our squad 3 and 4 appearance shows great results. Bernie Grueso Jnr on 224 average and 1347/6 fell agonisingly close to making the match play finals. Just 18 pins to the finals but between 16th place and a three way tie was another 12 athletes. Cameron Stein on 218 average and 1309/6 was close at hand. Jamie Robinson 1273/6 and 212 average with Nixon Chan on 1101/6 are ready for a doubles appearance.

Today the Doubles are in Squad 2 and 3 with Hannah Clark and Ashlyn Mohr paired for their first Baker format. Squad 3 Emily Bottomley and Sarah Pennicott have their opportunity. On Saturday Cameron Stein and Nixon Chan are Squad 3 with Bernie Grueso and Jamie Robinson ready to go again ready for their first Baker format.

The team is in high spirits, making equipment adjustments and get use to the Swedish environment where the Sun is up at 4.15 am and just going down towards 9.30 pm. We have a number of quick turn around squads. 

Update: 23 June 2022

The Australian boys began their World Championship campaign last night, with half the squad completing their six games of qualifying for the Singles event.

Queenslander Cameron Stein and Nixon Chan from New South Wales were bowling in squad three and the last scheduled squad for the day.

Cameron Stein performed the strongest of the two and currently sits in 34th position in the combined results with one squad to go. Evidence of the high quality of talent on show at the Championships, Stein averaged 218.17 over his six for his position.

We all know that every pin counts in Tenpin Bowling and that it is more evident than ever when looking at the differences between performances at a World Championship.

Stein’s 1,309 total over his six games was a measly 42 pins behind the current 16th placed bowler (cut off for match play stage), yet Stein sits eighteen spots behind on the results ladder.

Squad 3 Australian Results

  • Cameron Stein (Squad 3) – 191, 205, 224, 235, 211, 243 – 1,309 total, 218.17 AVG
  • Nixon Chan (Squad 3) – 179, 178, 162, 205, 180, 196 – 1,101 total, 183.5 AVG

With one more squad to go, the current men’s singles combined results can be found here

Coming up Next:

The second half of the boys hit the lanes early tonight at 5.30 pm AEST scheduled to commence their six games of singles qualification.

Click here to follow along on the streams when they pop up.

Update: 22 June 2022

The IBF Under 21 World Championships is underway!

The Singles event kicked things off with both women’s squads completing their six games of qualification.

We now have the latest results portal on the IBF website. This can be accessed here and on the Quick Links section of this Hub.

Making her Australian debut, Hannah Clark led all Australian performances.

Bowling in the first squad with Western Australian Ashlyn Mohr, Clark came out strongly, averaging 196.7 over six games for a total of 1180 to finish 10th in the squad. Posting 200+ in four of the six games is a fantastic outcome from the Queenslander making her debut in the green and gold.

A centre-wide blackout for comms halfway through Squad 3 halted play for 45 minutes before everything was back online.

All currently known Australian results can be found below:

  • Hannah Clark (Squad 1) – 212 , 215, 184, 201, 211, 157 – 1180 total, 196.7 AVG
  • Ashlyn Mohr (Squad 1)  – 200, 192, 168, 217, 168, 149 – 1094 total , 182.3 AVG
  • Emily Bottomley (Squad 3) – 159, 190, 199, 184, 181, 170 – 1083 total, 180.5 AVG
  • Sarah Pennicott (Squad 3) – 158 , 168, 163, 189, 204, 198 – 1080 total, 180 AVG

All results can be found here as they are entered – click here


IBF is using Sporfie for their streaming of the events. Replays can be found in the past events section on the IBF page, but they are a little tricky to navigate.

Sporfie provided the below update on their website after some difficulties from day one.

NEW UPDATE: The Center informed us they have just restored the scoring system but have decided to keep the streaming off until tomorrow morning to allow the games to finish today. We will be running tests with the Center first thing tomorrow morning to bring you back the streaming. While local network disruptions are beyond our control, we will do all the more possible to work with Center and restore the service as soon as possible. Please note that events are stopped and started automatically by the scoring system and so the streams would start/stop when the actual play on the lanes starts/stops.

Coach Comments:

“The team is in good spirits for the boy’s upcoming singles tonight and tomorrow. The way the lane draw is done, it’s another two days before the double combinations are set up”.

Coming Up Next

It’s the boy’s turn to hit the lanes. Below are the times and dates of the next Australian’s competing in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

  • In Squad 3 – Nixon Chan and Cameron Stein: June 23, 12:30 am AEST
  • In Squad 4 – Jamie Robinson and Bernie Grueso Jnr: June 23, 5:30 pm AEST

Update: Monday 20 June 2022 @11.38pm (AEST)

The Team Managers Meeting and Official Practice were held today and as we await final confirmation on the official schedule – you can check out the DRAFT below as well as the conversation to Australian Timing. Standby for information on streaming services from the venue, and we have snuck out a bunch of pics on the socials and below.

Here is the:

We are currently awaiting confirmation from the team in Sweden that this is correct after the Managers Meeting and will continue to update this page with all the new information as it is provided.

Photo Credits: Nathan Stein & Sarah Pennicott

Update: Sunday, 19 June 2022

The full team have arrived in Sweden, and Coach Bowness reports that they group will conduct unofficial practice at 2pm (their time), and tomorrow will see official practice for the girls first, followed by the boys – both of which will be conducted after the Team Managers Meeting where we hope to have a firm schedule of times and updates for the remainder of the week.


After two years of no international events, the return of green and gold on international lanes is nearly here as Team Australia’s under 21 team prepares to take on the world’s best in Helsingborg, Sweden, from June 21-29.

The opportunity to represent the country in tenpin bowling has not been possible since 2019’s Australia’s touring team who travelled to the World Senior Championships in Las Vegas. Team Australia’s under 21 head coach Geoff Bowness is counting down the hours before his athletes finally receive the privilege to represent their country once again.

“We have waited so long due to COVID unfortunately, we had some athletes aged out of youth over the interrupted years, but now we have a team going away, and they are seriously excited,” said Bowness.

The under 21 World Championship will welcome 34 federations with 216 athletes to Olympia Bowling for nine days of competition.

As with any extended break, change is inevitable, and this year’s World Championship is now different with format, schedule, and rule changes implemented by the International Bowling Federation (IBF) in the reset for global competition.

This year’s event will see four separate opportunities to claim medals. Throughout the Championship, athletes will compete in Singles, Doubles, Teams and Mixed Team events.

A major change within the doubles, teams and mixed teams’ events is that the Baker format will be utilised. Instead of contributing their own full games to totals, the Baker format makes every player who is part of the team contribute frame after frame within a game. Essentially a single line (game) of bowling is shared by an entire team. The baker format places emphasis on team effort rather than individual scores.

“Other countries have had 40 years of experience with it, and we have none essentially, so we have been working really hard at the process,” explained Bowness.

“It’s a great opportunity, as it’s a levelling field for all countries.

“We have never seen Baker at World Youth Championships before, and given what we saw in Dubai last year, it’s a great opportunity for Australia and all countries to make their mark in the history of the game,” added Bowness.

In more changes to past years, the 2022 under 21 World Championships will be played using one lane courtesy, and in addition to that, a 30-second shot clock will be used and strictly enforced in every game.

The IBF provided competing nations with the official oiling pattern in late May. Known for his extensive oil pattern knowledge, coach Bowness sees some advantages for the travelling Aussies.

“The pattern is different – it involves two oils in the Kegel oil machine, one is Terrain, one is Ice, and that’s really new for us, but in Europe, not so much,” explained Bowness. “I think there’s an advantage there, particularly for our girls and the high-speed ball throwing boys”.

Over 15,000km of travel is in store for the young Australian team preparing to take on the world’s best. The team has enforced a ‘bubble’ approach to ensure everyone keeps their mind on task and ultimately keeps everyone safe and healthy.

“We are leaving from different capital cities across the country before getting into Dubai, and then we move to Copenhagen before finally arriving in Sweden,” explained Bowness. “Staying healthy for the entire time is the biggest challenge, but every country is in the same boat, so we will do the best we can”.

With departure time fast approaching, coach Bowness was eager to express thanks to some key people involved in the preparations for the team.

“I want to thank the assistant coach Peter Finitsis, team manager Roselee Oakley, High Performance Manager Mike Griffith, and all the coaches, parents, ball drillers and managers who have worked with these youth players over so many years to get them to this point,” said Bowness.

“All the help you have given me, you are all unsung heroes to get this team to this point.

“It takes a team to make the team,” added Bowness.

Due to the extended break from international competition, the ability to track players has been limited. Many still unknowns about the opposition will await Team Australia, which ensures the team is not taking anyone lightly.

“I think we will find a lot more players on the lanes we don’t know about,” said Bowness. “It doesn’t matter what country they are from or who they are, they are a threat- everyone is a threat”.

That includes Team Australia.

Click the images below to read more about the team representing Australia at the IBF under 21 World Championships in Helsinborg, Sweden.