Tenpin Bowling Australia at the 2023 ACHPER HPE Conference

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
December 6, 2023

Making an Impact in Health and Physical Education

Last week, our team had the opportunity to present at the 2023 Annual HPE Conference organized by ACHPER Victoria. Held on the 23rd and 24th of November at Monash University’s Clayton Campus, the conference brought together educators and professionals dedicated to shaping the future of health and physical education.

The Roll ‘n Strike Program Takes Centre Stage

TBA’s National Participation Manager Sean O’Kane, alongside intern Dylan Padget, had the privilege of presenting the Roll ‘n Strike Program in conjunction with Ric Thompson of ACHPER Victoria.

Our session aimed to equip teachers and educators with the basics of tenpin bowling and promote the new Roll ‘n Strike Program as our new flagship schools’ program. It was not just about learning the game but also about understanding how to engage students in this sport through mini-games and teaching the basics of scoring.

A Conference of Learning and Networking

As much fun as we had, the ACHPER conference wasn’t just about us having the opportunity to present our program; it was also a hub for professional learning.

The conference highlighted the importance of staying current with new technologies and approaches in education. It emphasised the need for an inclusive and personalised learning approach, inspiring us to be flexible and adaptable in our teaching methods.

With over 80 interactive workshops, practical sessions, and panel discussions, the conference covered a wide range of topics across various curriculum stages. It was a chance for us to learn from peers and industry experts.

The conference helped to reinforce the importance of innovative and inclusive education in health and physical education. It was inspiring to see educators eager to embrace new ideas and technologies that will shape the future of our students.