By Chloe Fadl
December 3, 2020

Tenpin Bowling Australia is incredibly proud to partner with Reclink Australia in 2020. Together we share the common goal of providing inclusive sports programs that create pathways to improve confidence, wellbeing and health.

Reclink Australia and Tenpin Bowling Australia have partnered to grow and develop Tenpin Bowling Australia’s inclusive program, BowlAbilities. BowlAbilities is Australia’s only inclusive Tenpin Bowling program designed to encourage older teens and adults with a disability to connect with the game and others who are playing. The program focuses on teaching the fundamental skills of tenpin bowling, improves coordination, balance and physical activity levels.

With 200 Reclink participants across 26 programs, BowlAbilities is just getting started! The program has been delivered with Reclink Australia in 13 centres across five states, including Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales. Logan City Tenpin in Queensland, delivered an impressive four programs in Term 3 and 4 this year. Reclink participants are drawn from Reclink’s extensive member network and include people from a range of backgrounds including those with a disability, people with mental health diagnosis and others who are just doing it tough at the moment.

BowlAbilities prides itself on participant satisfaction. Codie, from a member group of Reclink, proudly said, “We really like bowling because it teaches us certain skills.  Since being involved in BowlAbilities, I have found that I am getting a lot better and I do not have to use bumpers. I want to collect all the wristbands by the end of the program”. Connor also participated in two-four-week programs and declared his love for the program. “I love BowlAbilities. It’s way fun. I love hanging out with new people and bowling with my friends. I love learning and getting better.”

A parent of a participant from the Logan City Tenpin BowlAbilities program said “I can’t thank BowlAbilities enough for allowing teenagers to join their classes. My son Mike is home-schooled and is the youngest in the BowlAbilities class, but age is just a number in this group. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive in the group. The lessons taught are simple and easy to understand, which is great for my son whom (in his head) doesn’t have time for long spiels. I have been singing the praises of BowlAbilities to anyone that would listen. I highly recommend this program to everyone”.

Reclink founder Peter Cullen AM stated that he experiences, “sheer joy at seeing people around the country enjoying and playing in a BowlAbilities program across Australia”.

BowlAbilities is designed to promote skill development, a sense of achievement and self-confidence. Providing the opportunity for adults and teenagers to meet others who enjoy the sport helps to foster friendships, develop relationships, and teamwork, and to improve leadership skills by mentoring others and working cooperatively in a group.

After our success in 2020 (despite Covid) Tenpin Bowling Australia is excited to continue this partnership with Reclink Australia– an organisation that values inclusive participation in sports as much as we do.  We are excited to continue working together to make a positive impact in the community in 2021.   

To find out more about BowlAbilities, go to bowlabilities.com.au. If your organisation wants to become a member of Reclink Australia and gain access to all their activities for your clients visit www.reclink.org.