Tenpin Bowling Australia Takes Part in Successful Secondary Sporting Schools Pilot 

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
September 19, 2023

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) has embarked on an exciting journey in cooperation with the Australian Sports Commission’s pilot Secondary Sporting Schools program this term, aimed at introducing and engaging teenagers in the sport.  

The initiative aims to diversify school sports choices, giving teens a taste of something different from the usual sports. 

Woodcroft College in South Australia was fortunate to receive funding, giving students a firsthand experience of the program. Led by teacher Ben Woodhouse, the school was proudly supported by Zone Bowling Noarlunga’s venue manager and registered coach, Jarrad Lewis. Approximately 40 students including Charlotte, Iman, Megan, Isobelle, Ralph, and Anson took part, showcasing their skills and enthusiasm, as seen in these photos, at Zone Bowling in Noarlunga.  

Emily Rennes, the Diversity, Inclusion and Programs Manager at TBA, oversaw almost 40 pilot programs across Australia this term. The impact and capacity of tenpin bowling to meet the specific needs of teens makes it a perfect fit for this demographic – who sometimes struggle to find the right activity to fit into. This signifies TBA’s focus in continually reaching out to the younger generation and nurturing their interest in tenpin bowling. “Having a sport that’s accessible and inclusive, fun, affordable and easy to do is important to teens”.

Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive. Isobelle remarked, “[I] Loved having an opportunity to do something fun and different to the same old team sports.” Megan echoed the sentiment, saying, “Tenpin Bowling is actually really challenging, but with some coaching, you can improve really quickly.” Meanwhile, Ralph shared his excitement in accepting challenges posed by the instructors, “We were challenged to get our scores above 100 points or a ‘turkey’, which I learnt is 3x strikes in a row.” 

Year 9 student Samara, who experienced bowling for the first time, couldn’t contain her excitement, “I’ve never been bowling, I love it! It’s something I want to keep playing after the program has finished..” 

The pilot program has not only taught students the techniques of bowling but also the importance of perseverance, aiming high, and enjoying the process of learning something new. A credit to Jarrad who has ensured every student ‘had a ball’. 

Tenpin Bowling Australia is excited to continue its proactive approach to engage teenagers through local centres, coaching resources and equipment. By branching out into secondary schools, TBA is ensuring that tenpin bowling finds its way into the hearts of the younger generation, creating lasting memories and potentially igniting a lifelong passion for the sport. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, contact [email protected]