Tenpin Bowling on Accessible Australia

By Emily Rennes
January 20, 2021

Tenpin Bowling has long held a reputation for being an inclusive sport. Not only does it offer a welcoming environment every day of the week, all-year round, but modifications mean every body can enjoy having a go.

In particular, people with disability are encouraged to give bowling a go, and review their experience via Accessible Australia. Tenpin Bowling Australia are delighted to partner with Spinal Life Australia to see bowling centres included in their Accessible Australia website. “A free online resource that gives you the ability to know before you go and leave personal reviews of places you visit”.

We share Spinal Life’s vision to put the control in your hands, giving you the tools to help others in the community explore with freedom and confidence. The next time you visit a bowling centre, leave a review on accessibleaustralia.com.au. Helping others like you find their enjoyment of bowling or identifying ways the centre might be more inclusive.

Most centres offer a range of modifications such as ramps and bumpers for learning to bowl, but there may be more we can all do to ensure the sport retains its inclusive nature. Whilst some tenpin bowling centres across Australia enjoy a very ‘retro’ feel, many have undergone extensive renovations and all seek to provide an accessible venue where possible.

We encourage visitors to ask the staff for assistance with things like;

  • Finding the right shoe and ball sizes
  • Trying a ramp or handle ball to deliver the ball
  • Using bumpers to keep the ball out of the gutter
  • Learning how to bowl with Bowl Abilities (www.bowlabilities.com.au)
  • Joining a local league, bowling competitively, becoming a coach or Lane Ranger 
  • Other requirements or facilities to enhance your visit.

Wanting to know more? Download the app ‘Accessible Australia’ or visit www.accessibleaustralia.com.au. Contact Spinal Life Australia on 1300 774 625 or at www.spinal.com.au for Bowl Abilities enquiries [email protected] or www.bowlabilities.com.au