Tenpin Features in AAA

By Emily Rennes
August 20, 2019

Our friends at Access for All Abilities (Reclink Australia) recently featured tenpin bowling for their monthly e-newsletter. At times we forget how supportive the tenpin bowling environment and the sport itself can be. Thanks for including us AAA Play!

Here’s the story below.

Let’s Learn About…   Tenpin Bowling is often thought of as a fantastic ‘go to’ activity when friends, family, or even individuals are looking for an entertaining few hours… many don’t realise the sport itself shines as one of the most inclusive and adaptable, with pathways that have created some of the world’s best right here in Australia.

Despite being a global sport, bowling is often used as a celebration; an end of year Christmas party, kid’s birthday party, or school holiday highlight. But it’s so much more than this! Regular bowlers will tell of the constant drive to beat your own personal best score, tweaking the perfect delivery, and knocking all ten pins down for the always rewarding strike!

Tenpin Bowling is for ALL abilities!
No doubt you’ve seen the bumpers that pull out from the lanes, stopping ‘gutter balls’, and encouraging a straighter bowl. Did you know there are many more modifications available when playing or practising?

Ramps help to deliver the ball. Place the ball at the top and when you’re ready, either release or push the ball down the ramp towards the pins. Make minor adjustments left or right to knock them all over!
Pushers are a bit like a broom. A pusher can be used by the bowler to deliver the ball along the floor.
A Claw canassist with picking up or holding the ball. Did you know you can also deliver the ball with two hands!
Modified scoring or game; 10 frames can be demanding and lengthy. Why not try a five frame game next time you play? More regular bowlers can establish an average of their scores and a league can use this to establish a handicap, making competition more even, regardless of ability.

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA), is committed to creating environments and opportunities for all community members to participate in and enjoy the sport of Tenpin Bowling. Ready to go bowling? Staff are on hand to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

Learn to Bowl
No one starts as a professional, and even our most experienced bowlers are still learning. World champion and Aussie legend Jason Belmonte partnered with Tenpin Bowling Australia to develop their newest learn to bowl program, ‘Bowl Patrol’.

This program utilises carpet lanes, rolled out over normal lanes, enabling participants to get up to nine metres closer to the pins. The structured eight-week sessions target the basics of tenpin to work on technique, balance, strength, coordination, and showcases many other interesting facts about this fascinating sport.

Bowl Patrol now also offers additional resources to ensure a positive experience every time. Our friends at Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) helped to create a word board, visual schedule, and social story, to help prepare participants, making every session a little less scary.

The program is currently on offer to primary school aged participants, but recent Sport Australia funding will see it adapted to suit adults with a disability, and is scheduled for roll out in 2020. You can register your expression of interest by emailing [email protected]

Contact AAA Play to find your local centre and work out a suitable time for your practice sessions. These sessions can be done alone or with family and friends. Most centres are available any day of the week and open most hours of the day, so you’ll find something to suit your needs.

Coaching can be arranged at some centres and  our friends at Special Olympics Australia also support ongoing participation through leagues. Ask the friendly team at your local centre about the ways you can be more involved, meet other bowlers, and make new friends.

So you want to be a Champion?
Like many sports, tenpin offers the opportunity to represent your centre, state, and even country at various events. The recent Special Olympics witnessed a massive tenpin bowling team prove that with hard work, and dedication, making it to representative level is absolutely achievable. There’s even a national disability championship!

Tenpin also offers the opportunity to become a coach via an easy online coaching course which can be completed at your own pace. Visit the new Tenpin Bowling Australia website to find out more.

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