Toowoomba gears up to host ATBSO National Seniors Challenge

By Matt Stevens
August 21, 2019

The Australian Tenpin Bowling Seniors Organisation of Queensland is preparing to host an exciting national bowling tournament attracting hundreds of players and officials to Toowoomba’s state-of-the-art Sunset Superbowl.

Commencing on Friday, 23 August the ATBSO Seniors Challenge schedule is brimming with pin-flying action and a series of novel activities, including a new Teams event, artisan workshops at Toowoomba’s famous Cobb + Co Museum, and a progressive dinner showcasing some of the region’s delicious cuisine.

Bowlers traditionally compete in individual and team events in four divisions: Restricted (average 179 and under for Men and 169 and under for Women), Classic (average 199 and under for Men and 189 and under for Women), Grand Seniors (60+ years) and Open (no restriction of averages). This year, however, a new event has been added on the first weekend of the busy schedule.

A perpetual trophy, donated by Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts will be presented to the winner of the inaugural National Teams Challenge squad, with the trophy becoming a permanent fixture at future ATBSO National Seniors Challenge tournaments. Along with many local companies and organisations, Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts and Toowoomba Regional Council will play a leading role in support of the 11-day ATBSO Seniors championships.

Perpetual Trophy Design

ATBSOQ’s organising team is working hard arranging sufficient squads to cater for the large number of entries that are rolling in from bowlers aged 45+ from every Australian State and Territory.

“There is always keen competition from capital and regional cities throughout Australia to host these championships” said ATBSOQ President, Bob Whybrow today. “As well as the prestige and considerable economic impact a host city enjoys, there is also a significant increase in awareness of our sport’s benefits to the community at large” he explained.

Participants and spectators are welcome throughout the championships to enjoy the activity and fun or simply to witness the skill, challenge and camaraderie of tenpin bowling. Following the official Opening ceremony on Sunday, 25 August bowling continues daily at 8am and admission for spectators is free.