Two Directors Elected To Board From AGM

By Matt Stevens
June 29, 2020

Two new directors have been elected into the Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) board following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 27th June 2020. 

The meeting was one for the record books in that it was the first time in our history that the TBA AGM was held vis video conference.

The TBA Board sought to elect two bowler representatives with the successful candidates being South Australian Jo Babic and Queenslander Morty Douglass.  As per the TBA constitution, bowler representative board members were voted for by State Association delegates.

Queenslander Morty Douglass joins the National board after being a proactive member of the TBA Queensland (TBAQ) board for 17 years.  Services to the bowling industry also include work with the Australian Tenpin Bowling Seniors Organisation (ATBSO).  A rich history in the sport as a bowler, a volunteer and a proprietor, Morty provides a wide variety of skills and perspectives to the TBA board.

South Australian Jo Babic joins the board after an involvement in the sport that stretches back to 1981. A bowler at both the state and national level, Jo has also held volunteer administration roles throughout the sport from local to national levels. Jo will join the board with professional experience in the government security, customer service management, banking and finance industries.

Chairman of the TBA board, Shane Bernhardt commented.

“It was fantastic to see five TBA members nominate for two positions on our board and to have a number of members join the National Delegates and attend the virtual AGM on Saturday was also very pleasing.  TBA enjoyed a successful 2019 and although COVID has been a major disruption this year I am excited with the opportunities that lie ahead for TBA”.

“TBA also wishes to acknowledge the contribution of Dean Brostek who as a Board elected director, did a wonderful job for our sport over the past three years. We also acknowledge Sally Jarvis and Jerome Joseph who joined our Board in 2019 and 2020 respectively to cover vacancies”.

TBA’s current directors are: – Shane Bernhardt, Geoff Bowness, Renee Wooley, Graeme Cox, Hish Fernando, Jo Babic and Morty Douglass.

The 2019 Annual report can be viewed here