By Matt Stevens
December 3, 2020

From Saturday, December 5, particular WA businesses and venues will be required to maintain a mandatory contact register for staff and patrons.

The reintroduction of contact registers is an additional protection measure and will assist with WA Department of Health contact tracing, should it be required.

Bowling Centres are one of the venues that must adhere to the mandatory contact register requirements due to falling under the category of indoor sport venues.

Bowling centres are required to collect the following information of all patrons, staff, visitors and contractors that attend the premises.

• Date
• Name
• Telephone Number
• Arrival time

To assist businesses and venues, the WA Government has developed the free, SafeWA app, an online contact register system that uses QR Codes for patrons and staff to scan to register their attendance. SafeWA App is the quickest way to record the necessary information to have you bowling.

SafeWA can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play from today. The app is being provided as a free, easy, contactless solution, however the use of SafeWA is not mandatory.

Alternative formats for mandatory contact registers may be available depending on what each centre chooses to adopt based on the new directive. It’s extremely important to follow all directives from your centre in adhering to these new directives.

As mentioned above, as a customer, use of SafeWA is not mandatory. If you choose not to use the app, you will be asked to provide the required details for a written register at the centre.

It is important to comply with the new requirements for both the centre and yourself. Failure to comply may result in fines and penalties of up to $50,000 for an individual and $250,000 for a body corporate or 12 months’ imprisonment.

Please go to the SafeWA guide for patron’s webpage . This page explains how to download the app, how to create an account and how to check in to comply with the requirements.

We thank you for your attention to this information and complying with the new government directives. We understand that this is a minor inconvenience, but such an initiative has potential to save lives.

Recent outbreaks in South Australia has reminded us how quickly things can change if we become complacent. The intention of these new directives is to help government contain any possible outbreaks that may occur to avoid lengthy restrictions placed on venues.

We ask for you to continue to play your role so we can bowl.

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