Winners Crowned at the Sydney Youth Cup

By kristiemiddleton
May 22, 2022

The Sydney Youth Cup for 2022 has been completed, crowing champions Grace Fahy and Jamie Robinson, with Under15’s winner Aleisha McGarry rounding out a trio of winners.

TBA’s Mike Griffith spoke with the National Training Squad athletes after their victories. Fahy noting that she was pleased to have maintained her position through the tournament saying “I left a lot of pins out there, it was clearly a grind for all of us”.

At the start of the competition Grace has set a goal to “make spares” a strategy she noted did not go well on the fist day, and but after discussions with her support network, the final day saw better results. Grace’s next event is the Melbourne Cup – where she will tackle a field of quality competition, this win putting her in excellent standing for that challenge.

There are inaugural congratulations to Jamie Robinson on his first win in a major TBA event – with a come from behind victory in the final game. Robinson had been sitting in third or forth position for the weekend and took the overall lead in the final game.

Jamie said “it still does not feel real, I am very happy to win my first TBA event- every game was tough”. Team Australia will benefit from the inclusion of Robinson at the upcoming Sweden international event – his next major milestone before he hope to return to Australia for the South Australian Classic.

Listen to the full Interview with TBA’s Mike Griffith and winner Grace Fahy here:

Listen to the full Interview with TBA’s Mike Griffith and winner Jamie Robinson here:

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