Your Wills Partners With TBA

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
August 7, 2020

Your Wills is an Australian first: a fast, hassle-free online Will platform that allows you to create a simple, straightforward, legally binding Will online anywhere, anytime from $89.95* plus GST.

There’s a reason why a staggering 52% of the Australian population don’t have a Will. It’s just too hard, too expensive and you simply don’t have enough time. Not anymore!

By partnering with Your Wills, Tenpin Bowling Australia is encouraging all Australians to holistically consider their financial wellness.

TBA CEO Cara Honeychurch commented, “We are excited to partner with Your Wills to provide our members with such a valuable service.  All Australian’s should have the protection of a will and the Your Wills platform makes the process so easy and extremely affordable.”

Did you know that if you pass away without a will (intestate) the relevant State Trustee may charge a fee of up to 5.5% of the gross value of your estate’s assets! ^

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It’s the responsibility of all Australians to plan for their future – both immediate and long term. There’s no better time than right now to get your affairs for yourself and loved ones.

Use promotional code TENPIN10 for 10% off the cost of completing your Will online.

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*Terms and Conditions apply. ^ In some instances this may be more or slightly less (please check your relevant State Trustee schedule).