ZONE Bowling Tuggeranong Term 2 Bowl Patrol Program

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
June 28, 2021

Image: Lane Rangers Damien and Irene from Zone Bowling Tuggeranong with Bowl Patrollers in Term 4 2020

The team at ZONE Bowling Tuggeranong hosted and delivered a truly successful Term 2 Bowl Patrol program rolling out eight high-quality sessions for those involved.

Bowl Patrol is currently experiencing significant growth across NSW/ACT, particularly with more centres receptive to taking on the exciting challenge in the southern regions. Zone Bowling Tuggeranong is no exception.

Some of the key participation highlights across the Bowl Patrol program included:

  • Three new bowlers (Isla, Jimmy, and Eamon) all progressed to full-length lanes and are keen to continue term 3.
  • Lucas (six years old) started on 6-metre lanes and progressed to full-length lanes. He’s working towards his blue wristband next term.
  • Porter (also six years old) started on an orange wristband after a previous successful term, and with many scores of 27’s and 29’s, he finally achieved his green wristband with a score of 30 in session 7. A massive achievement for someone so young! Modified scoring means ‘you only score what you knock down’ in a five frame game on the carpet lanes.
  • Patrick, who initially thought the highest level black band was not achievable, quickly realised nothings impossible! Patrick claimed his black band in session two and continued to develop his bowling!
  • Dylan made some remarkable progress with his swing and challenging 4-step approach, finished with a 51 average over the term.
  • William and Leroy continued with their accuracy and development and were very impressive throughout the term with a 62 and 68 averages.

Patrollers William, Dylan and Patrick will all be graduating from Bowl Patrol this term and joining the junior league next term. A total of six Bowl Patrol graduates have now progressed to junior leagues within the centre, providing an ideal outcome of learning to bowl.  These lucky bowlers will also receive their own ball, drilled to fit them perfectly, with big thanks to Pauly’s Pro Shop and ACT Tenpin Bowling Associations sponsors.

Lane Rangers Damian and Irene led all patrollers throughout the term. Lane Ranger Damian treated the Patrollers to a new coaching tool for session five of the program.

“I set up the Kegal Torch to help the bowlers understand the bowling line required for hitting the pocket”, explained Damien.  “This allowed them to understand targeting and ball delivery to the pocket with “a visual tool that draws a line down the lane for them to roll over.”

One of the most rewarding things as a Lane Ranger, reported Irene, was witnessing session 8’s family fun session.

“Patroller Isla taught her brother how to hold a ball properly. The teachings greatly improved his delivery, and he was instantly hitting pins without bumpers. They had a lot of fun, and I believe he could be joining Bowl Patrol next term”.

We love to see siblings bowling together!

ZONE BOWLING Tuggeranong promotes heavily to attract participants of all different skill levels and backgrounds. The centre encourages families to come along and join in the fun and action that Bowl Patrol has to offer.

Following the success of Term 2, Bowl Patrol will return for Term 3 at ZONE BOWLING Tuggeranong.

Please see the below details for the next ZONE Bowling Tuggeranong Term 3 program which starts Wednesday 14th July 2021 running for 8 weeks!

•             Term 3 Bowl Patrol ZONE Tuggeranong

•             Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

•             Start Date: Wednesday 14/7/2021

•             Finish Date: Wednesday 1/9/2021

Now is your chance to sign up and register to become a part of this excellent program by visiting the following link provided below.

Join in the fun of coaching, mentoring, and developing our future tenpin bowlers now!