By Emily Rennes
December 26, 2020

What a year it’s been! We’re delighted to be able to celebrate the challenges that have been overcome this year in Tasmania and bring you the annual Bowl Patrol award winners of 2020.

Zone Moonah and Launceston Lanes engaged in Bowl Patrol in Tasmania ensured the program delivered in Terms 1, 3 and 4 which is a huge effort. Term 2 wasn’t offered due to COVID centre closures and we acknowledge the efforts of all involved to cover catch up sessions and Bowl @ Home videos in the interim!

A total of 63 Patrollers graduated from Tassie-based Bowl Patrol programs in 2020, many of who registered using the Ticket to Play vouchers, making their program completely free. Lead by Lane Rangers in Moonah; Calvin and Kathy, and in Launceston; Sarah and Bridget who’ve shared their enjoyment of tenpin bowling with these lucky kids.

Without further a-do, Congratulations to…

2020 Tasmanian Bowl Patrol Centre of the Year – Launceston Lanes  

Well Done to Launceston Lanes in Tasmania!

Put a huge effort into finishing 2020 on a strong note, a full Term 4 program is a credit to both Lane Rangers Sarah and Bridget, plus Launceston Lanes staff. Together with the bowling community, they continue to offer a unique pathway into junior league, a pathway both Lane Rangers have previously experienced. Giving back to the community is a big part of Launceston Lanes and they’ve achieved this through Bowl Patrol this year.

2020 Tasmanian Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger of the Year – Sarah Pennicott

Leading the charge at Launceston Lanes’ Bowl Patrol program is Sarah, who puts efforts in ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure the pathway to junior competitive bowling is a smooth one. A bowler herself, and now training up other young bowlers at Lane Rangers too, she’s passionate about the game. The Patrollers, centre and Bowl Patrol are lucky and proud to count Sarah among our ranks. Of note – Sarah has just been announced as a member of Tenpin Bowling Australia’s ‘Youth Women’ National Training Squad, what a way to cap off a year!

2020 Tasmanian Bowl Patroller Girl of the Year – Eva Findlay-Chinnock

Congratulations Eva!

Eva began Bowl Patrol at ZONE Moonah in term 1 of 2020 and progressed through white and yellow bands in the first three weeks. Week four Eva had her first week at the longer distance with a high score of 22. Unfortunately, COVID-19 interrupted at this point and Eva was not able to attend any of the makeup sessions once the restrictions were lifted nor for term 3. She re-joined us for Term 4 where she quickly achieved her orange and green levels, receiving her blue band on the last day of term. 

Lane Rangers Kathy and Calvin have found Eva very easy to work with as she takes instruction with the slight changes to bowling, such as one-step to four-step delivery, very well. She listens attentively and will immediately attempt to step through the changes to make sure she understands what we are trying to achieve. She has decided to sign up to ZONE Moonah’s Junior League starting mid-February 2021. 

Special Mention: Sophie Bartlett (Launceston Lanes)

Special Mention to Sophie Bartlett from Launceston Lanes

Since the start of the program has shown great interest and dedication showing she has great potential in the sport. Always turning up with a positive, ‘can do’ attitude and is always up for trying the new skills each week. With her fellow Bowl Patrollers, she was always friendly and encouraging. Over the 8-week program Sophie has progressed to her green band, making her the first girl to make it to this level from Launceston! Her high score from the program was 37, which she managed to reach on two occasions.

2020 Tasmanian Bowl Patroller Boy of the Year – Logan McHenry

Logan (Launceston Lanes) has improved over his time in his first Bowl Patrol along with a growth in his confidence. Each week he has continued to show up, wanting to learn more and improve on his skills. Logan has made it to his green band, almost earning his blue band with a great game of 56. Logan seems to have made new friends through the program which he has continued to encourage each week. Lane Ranger Sarah hopes to see him join the Junior League in 2021.

Congratulations to all our winners and nominees! The future of bowling is bright in Tasmania, we know 2021 will be a bumper year and look forward to watching our bowlers grow.

Emily Rennes
[email protected]
@BowlPatrolAus #BowlPatrol


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