All the Lights and Action of Learning to Bowl

By Emily Rennes
May 24, 2021

Students from Wangaratta District Specialist School are enjoying their bowling in new ways with the support of Sporting Schools this term.

Teacher Ryan Hargreaves reports the students want to do bowling for sport every day! Following the recent announcement by Sport Australia, the Federal Government looks to continue the support of this successful program, bringing the total funded amount up to $320 since its inception in 2015.

Keen to support their local centre, the school takes students to Wangaratta Supa bowl on excursion for all to enjoy bowling. The outings providing tremendous value for schools wanting to get involved.

“To bowl in the real and authentic environment of a Tenpin Bowling centre, where there’s lights and sound, live scoring, and all equipment provided; is a big drawcard for schools wanting to offer more than mainstream sports to their students” explained TBA Sporting Schools manager, Emily Rennes.

The Wangaratta District students are accompanied by their teachers to the centre and enjoy quality instruction by registered Tenpin Bowling Australia and Sporting Schools coach Ben Woodford.

Centre manage David Lowe loves seeing students having a ball and particularly applauds his coach’s interactions, “he is amazing, being on the spectrum, he related very well!”.

In addition, the school has included the recently launched Special Olympics Australia Sporting Schools resources alongside the coaching staff’s ongoing training. These resources include a visual schedule, word cards, social story and other Tenpin modifications to ensure students have an enjoyable learn to bowl experience, supplementing the use of modifications available in-centre.

“They love the lights, they get very excited when they bowl a strike, and have so much fun” said teacher Ryan Hargreaves. Students with a range of abilities access the ramps, bumpers and lane lights to help guide their ball to the pins.

All teachers, support workers, teacher aids and coaches, including Lane Rangers (of Bowl Patrol and Bowl Abilities) are encouraged to seek out Special Olympics Australia’s online learning resources. Discover the benefits of including modifications that make learning to bowl the best possible experience.