Aussies Claim Bronze in Boy’s Doubles Event

By Matt Stevens
August 22, 2023

Team Australia has once again proven their mettle at the 22nd Asian Junior Tenpin Bowling Championship, securing another well-deserved medal.

In an impressive display, the Australian duo of Seth Gray and Blake Walsh clinched the BRONZE medal in the Boy’s Doubles event.

With five games completed, the Aussies found themselves in a promising 3rd place position, standing on the brink of medalling as they approached the final game. The race for bronze was intense, with Qatar, Kuwait, and Singapore all vying for the position within a mere 38 pins of the Australians.

Much like Emily Hart’s performance the previous night, the boys exhibited their finest form when it mattered most. In the last game, they collectively scored an impressive 481 (Seth Gray with 214 and Blake Walsh with 267), sealing their place confidently on the medal podium with a bronze.

Consistency was key throughout for these boys, with Seth Gray maintaining an impressive average of 217 and Blake Walsh closely following with 226.67 over the course of the six games. Both bowlers reached their peak with an exceptional 267 in their highest game.

Seth Gray, who initially started with a 159 in his first singles game, acclimated himself swiftly to the competitive environment in his debut for Australia. Congratulations to these remarkable young athletes on their outstanding achievements!

This marks Australia’s first medal in the boys’ doubles event since 2017, when Callum Borck and Lachlan Stephenson secured gold in the 18th edition in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Another commendable performance emerged from the pairing of Brock Gordon and Nicholas Rajkovic, who finished 8th with a total score of 2,503, adding to the strong Australian presence.

On the girls’ front, Team Australia’s ladies continued to shine. Shanae Key and Emily Hart secured fifth place with a total of 2,316, while Samantha Clifton and Emily Hinspeter closely followed in 6th place with 2,277.

With two events completed and two to go, anticipation mounts for the upcoming popular team’s event, scheduled to commence tomorrow, with teams taking the lanes from 11:00 am AEST.

As the team’s event concludes the qualifications for the masters, a glimpse into the Australians’ standings in the chase for the 16-game Master’s event is due. The top 16 bowlers of each gender at the culmination of the team’s event will secure a spot in the Master’s event.


• Blake Walsh – 2,581 – 7th

• Seth Gray – 2,521 – 9th

• Nicholas Rajkovic – 2,473 – 14th

• Brock Gordon – 2,372 – 27th

• Liam Cochrane – 2,354 – 30th

• Trent McDougall – 2,313 – 38th

• Jackson Buckingham – 2,299 – 40th

• Sean Lam – 2,014 – 75th


• Emily Hart – 2,400 – 2nd

• Shanae Key – 2,368 – 6th

• Samantha Clifton – 2,322 – 9th

• Emily Hinspeter – 2,212 – 22nd

• Jessica Chi – 2,128 – 26th

• Amelie Perrin-Nitschke – 2,071 – 28th

• Jasmine Walker – 2,040 – 29th

• Emma Blunden – 2,014 – 35th

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