Australia’s best Bec Whiting, wants more people to bowl

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
September 10, 2021

Bec Whiting might be described as the perfect example of women thriving in the sport of tenpin bowling. She is currently the number one female bowler in Australia, a title held alongside current QubicaAMF World Cup Champion which she won back in 2019 in Palembang, Indonesia. 

Whiting has been bowling since she was 10 years old, reaping the benefits of being involved with tenpin for 21 years and counting. She recalls simply wanting to give it a go when seeing it advertised at the local shopping centre. 

“I thought I wasn’t really doing anything at the time, I’ll give it a go, it will be a bit of fun, a one night a week thing and it kind of blossomed from there” she said of taking the chance on tenpin.  

She loves the fact that tenpin bowling is a “sport for all ages” because “it helps improve your health and wellbeing.” Unfortunately, due to the current lockdown in Victoria, Whiting hasn’t been able to get down to her local centre, Zone Bowling, Frankston but speaks highly of the experience and sense of belonging when she does get the opportunity. 

“I have really missed being able to hit the lanes every week and seeing all my friends, that have kind of turned into family, for me on the lanes in Victoria and also throughout Australia.” 

Speaking to the accessibility of bowling, she praised the inclusive nature of the sport saying that “all ages, all abilities can get involved in tenpin bowling, there is no barriers for anybody and that’s super important.” 

Whiting also praised Bowl Patrol as the ideal starting point for children looking to get involved in the sport.  

“I wish that I had this program when I was coming through bowling, it’s really important kids can learn the skills of tenpin bowling and what can make them a better bowler, so yeah I’m kind of really jealous it wasn’t around when I was bowling!” 

Bec Whiting is just one of many women who love bowling and being involved with the sport. From being healthy and active, to making new friends or becoming a World Cup Champion. We join Bec in encouraging people, particularly women, of all ages to have a go at tenpin bowling. 

Bec pictured middle, back row

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Special thanks to Tenpin Bowling Australia’s Holmesglen intern Jarrod McNamee in the production of this story.


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