Belmo aims for first PBA Playoffs title

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
April 10, 2022

Following yet another successful Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) season, Australian superstar Jason Belmonte has qualified as the top seed for the upcoming KIA PBA Playoffs that get underway tomorrow.

The KIA PBA Playoffs see the top 16 ranked players from the 2022 PBA season enter an elimination bracket vying for the top $100,000USD first place prize.

The USBC Masters was the last chance for athletes to qualify for the Playoffs. Already clinching the top spot for the Playoffs before the event started, Belmonte fought bravely through the master’s event to finish tied in seventh place.

The boy from Orange, New South Wales, collected another four titles in 2022 while also extending his record major title tally to 14 in another stellar season. Finishing on 34,230 points, Belmonte dominated challengers finishing with over 8,000 more points than the second-ranked Anthony Simonsen.


After being introduced in 2019, the KIA PBA Playoffs are a relatively new event, and one Belmonte is yet to conquer. However, if he wins this year’s event, he will break a personal record of winning five titles in a single season for the first time in his career.  

The round of 16 kicks off the event in the early hours of tomorrow morning, with the championship match broadcast scheduled for May 16. All the round of 16 matches will see a race to 2 points format—one point for the winner of each game. If players are tied at one point apiece, a 9th/10th frame roll-off is activated, with the winner awarded the deciding point.

The number one seed Belmonte sits on the left side of the KIA PBA Playoffs bracket. His first match will be against good friend and number 16 seed – Bill O’Neill. A previous champion of the KIA PBA Playoffs in 2020, O’Neill is one of three of the event’s previous winners to have a spot in this year’s bracket joining Kris Prather and Kyle Troup.

Other bowlers on the left-hand side of the bracket that are potential matchups for Belmonte on his quest to the Championship include –

  • Sean Rash (8) v Kyle Troup (9)
  • Dom Barrett (4) v Packy Hanrahan (13)
  • Kris Prather (5) v Brad Miller (12)

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes Jason the best of luck and high scoring on his quest for yet another PBA title.


  1. Jason Belmonte – 34,230
  2. Anthony Simonsen – 26,195
  3. EJ Tackett – 24,660
  4. Dom Barrett – 22,790
  5. Kris Prather – 19,155
  6. Tommy Jones – 16,735
  7. Jakob Butturff – 14,396
  8. Sean Rash- 14,210
  9. Kyle Troup – 13, 392.5
  10. AJ Johnson – 13,375
  11. Kyle Sherman – 12,745
  12. Brad Miller – 12,535
  13. Packy Hanrahan – 12,392.5
  14. Jesper Svensson – 12,385
  15. Shawn Maldonado – 11,882.5
  16. Bill O’Neill- 11,625

Schedule (AEST)

Monday, April 11 – Round of 16 – 2:00 am AEST

No. 1 Jason Belmonte vs. No. 16 Bill O’Neill

No. 8 Sean Rash vs. No. 9 Kyle Troup

Monday, April 11 – Round of 16 – 4:00 am AEST

No. 4 Dom Barrett vs. No. 13 Packy Hanrahan

No. 5 Kris Prather vs. No. 12 Brad Miller

Sunday, April 17 – Round of 16 – 3:00 am AEST

No. 2 Anthony Simonsen vs. No. 15 Shawn Maldonado

No. 7 Jakob Butturff vs. No. 10 AJ Johnson

Monday, April 18 – Round of 16 – 8:00 am AEST

No. 3 EJ Tackett vs. No. 14 Jesper Svensson

No. 6 Tommy Jones vs. No. 11 Kyle Sherman

Monday, April 25 – Quarterfinals – 2:00am AEST

Winner of Belmonte/O’Neill vs. winner of Rash/Troup

Winner of Barrett/Hanrahan vs. winner of Prather/Miller

Monday, May 2 – Quarterfinals – 2:00 am AEST

Winner of Simonsen/Maldonado vs. winner of Butturff/Johnson

Winner of Tackett/Svensson vs. winner of Jones/Sherman

Monday, May 9 – Semi-Finals – 3:00 am AEST

Remaining four bowlers

Monday, May 16 – Championship – 4:00 am AEST

Remaining two bowlers

How to watch?

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