Coach and Manager Accreditation Update

By Matt Stevens
June 2, 2021

The TBA Coach and Manager Accreditation programs continue to evolve with several changes and initiatives being implemented in 2021.

Following the TBA Volunteer Support Program launch last week, TBA Education and High-Performance Manager Mike Griffith has been busy working on several Coach and Manager initiatives.

“As a National Sporting Organisation, it is important to keep up with the current times”, explained Griffith. “We need to continually review our process and procedures to ensure high quality is maintained, and new approaches, knowledge, expectations and initiatives are reflected in what we do. We need to evolve with the times.”

Outlined below are changes implemented in the Coach and Manager field that will be in effect moving forward.


TBA Coach and Manager Accreditation ID Tags will be issued digitally. Physical cards and lanyards will no longer be issued by TBA when gaining or renewing accreditation.

The introduction of Digital cards will allow efficient and quicker processing to occur. Cards will be directly emailed to eligible participants with the ability to download and house on mobile devices. The initiative will allow all coaches and managers to have access to a valid and updated card with minimal delay.

Digital cards can always be printed and utilised by owners in hard copy if preferred.

For Major events such as National Championships and State Team events, TBA will issue official Coach and Manager ID passes. These passes will have the ability to be placed in a lanyard or pinned on display. Colour coded for easy identification; the official passes will serve as additional identification for significant events.

If for any reason, Coaches or Managers require a physical card for a specific event or purpose, and they are unable to print one on their own, feel free to contact TBA with the request.


After reviewing the current TBA Coach Accreditation process, TBA has successfully conducted their inaugural TBA Bronze and TBA Silver level classes online.

The delivery method of these courses has been expanded, allowing remote online delivery of the classroom (theory and knowledge) components to occur. The new capability has removed barriers that may have prevented those interested in taking the first steps of their coaching journey.

“With advancements in video conferencing technology, it makes sense to utilise these platforms in providing an online method of delivery for Coach Accreditation”, explained Griffith.

The remote online sessions only replace the classroom components of the Bronze and Silver courses. Previously the classroom component required attendance in the one location requiring 2 to 3 days for completion.

“This means participants do not need to travel large distances to attend the class saving on travel costs and time that was previously associated with the course. The expansion online opens up the opportunity for many more eligible people to get involved and begin their coaching journey,” said Griffith.

TBA understands that accreditation requires more than the completion of just the classroom components.

“There is now a much stronger focus on one’s ability to coach on the lanes, to communicate effectively and demonstrate a level of experience”, explained Griffith. “This is done post ‘classroom’, utilising some of our respected Silver Coaches as supervisors and mentors in their state or region over a period of time”.

For coaches aiming for Silver accreditation, TBA has also introduced the Intermediate Coaching General Principles Course. Conducted and assessed by TBA appointed assessors, the course is tailored specifically for the sport of Tenpin Bowling and available for online delivery to provide ease of access to complete.

“It’s all about opening up the opportunities for more people to be involved in coaching the sport. The more coaches the sport has, the more the sport will prosper in a variety of ways,” said Griffith. All components must be completed satisfactorily before coach accreditation is granted. Details of the updates and changes Bronze and Silver Accreditation can be found here.


As part of the review and evaluation process, some of our Coach and Manager accreditation process elements have changed.

Modifications have been implemented to ensure all Coaches and Managers earn their stripes in the accreditation process. The addition of new prerequisites ensures the standard of accredited officials is of a high standard for those seeking out their services.

Quality coaching involves sufficient hours on the lanes to perform the service. Evidence of coaching service on the lanes will be required and aligned with minimum hours of service requirements. All requirements must be completed before gaining accreditation.

TBA is also committed to the safety and well being of all children and young people who participate in the sport. We strictly adhere to the Child Safe Framework, which covers all Working with Children requirements.

“It is important to ensure we have a quality workforce of Coaches and Managers”, explained Griffith. “We need to ensure all officials are equipped with adequate training and can deliver appropriate coaching services to those wanting guidance”.


Further developments and evolutions are happening later this year, with Mike working on the final stages of an Athlete and Coach Development Pathway Plan.

The Athlete and Coach Development Pathway Plan is designed to complement all other initiatives and elements being rolled out. This document will look at all levels of development whilst matching pathways for both coaches and athletes.

Mike explained: “TBA is committed to evolving the sport and introducing new concepts and ideas that may benefit both athletes and coaches. With new initiatives for elite athletes in the NTS, pathways for our up-and-coming athletes through planned State Development Days, down to our flagship programs for beginners such as Bowl Patrol (which has now gone global), we are making progress. When the Athlete and Coach Development Pathway Plan is ready to be introduced, it should tie all elements together, providing a clear pathway from beginner to elite in Australian Tenpin Bowling.”

If you have any questions regarding coach and manager accreditation opportunities, or any question related to the topic at all, please email [email protected] for more information.