NTS Open Tour of Malaysia 2024: Australian Bowlers Set for International Challenge

By Matt Stevens
April 26, 2024

The National Training Squad (NTS) of Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is excited to announce a significant upcoming trip to Malaysia, featuring both competitive play at the prestigious 42nd Malaysian International Open Bowling Championships and a strategic training camp with Team Malaysia.

A new initiative for the High-Performance program, this international venture, set to commence next week, aims to enhance the talent and readiness of our athletes and coaches through intensive training and competition.

“The tour presents an invaluable opportunity for athletes, especially newcomers, to gain experience in international conditions, fostering both athlete and coach development” said TBA GM of Performance, Gareth Webber.

“It also serves as critical preparation for the upcoming Asian Championships later this year and the IBF World Championships, providing our team with the exposure needed to excel.

“Partnering with the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress for a small camp is also designed to simulate specific future competition scenarios, offering a practical, cost-effective training environment” added Webber.

The journey kicks off with the Malaysian International Open Bowling Championships from April 29 – May 5, 2024, at the popular Sunway Mega Lanes, Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya, in Malaysia. A substantial prize pool awaits – $58,000 for men and $32,000 for women.

Australia has enjoyed success at this prestigious event, securing seven podium finishes since the 20th edition in 1997. Notably, Maxine Nable won a title in 1999, making her the only Australian to have achieved this feat.

Following the competition, the training camp with Team Malaysia will occur from 6-9 May 2024, where our athletes will engage in a four-day intensive camp with Team Malaysia. These sessions are crafted to address specific conditions and scenarios that our team will face in future championships.

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes the following travelling athletes and coaches the best of luck as they fly the Australian flag on the international stage.

We invite all fans and supporters to follow along as our athletes prepare to shine on this international stage.