Pocket Preview: Melbourne Tenpin Cup

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
June 16, 2023

The Melbourne Tenpin Cup (MTC) will kick off tonight from Oz Tenpin Chirnside Park in Victoria.

The third of five Open division events for 2023 will run from the 16-18 June 2023 from the 28-lane centre in Chirnside Park.

The MTC is one of the countries most historical and prestigious tournaments on the bowling calendar with this year marking the 49th annual running of the event.

‘The King of the North’ Jarrad Langford returns to the open circuit after travelling to the United States of America to compete in PBA (Professional Bowling Association) events earlier this year. Langford has won the last three Melbourne Tenpin Cups (2018, 2019 and 2022). Sam Cooley also returns to Australia after his PBA stint earlier this year and will be looking to add the MTC trophy to his collection.

With an attractive prize fund and pay ratio in place, this year’s Melbourne Tenpin Cup is sure to be a popular one with many stars in contention for the title.

The first stage of qualifying will see all bowlers complete 10 games in an effort to make the top 39 cut line to advance to stage two. An additional five games will be bowled before the field is cut to the top 15 to advance to stage three. The remaining bowlers will then complete 7 games of round-robin matchplay with bonus pins activated.

The bowler with the most total pinfall from all sections plus bonus pins will be declared the 2023 Melbourne Tenpin Cup Champion.

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes all bowlers the best of luck and high scoring this weekend!

1973Steve Mackie
1974Terry Wenban
1975Steve Mackie
1976Vic Bubniw
1977Paul Madden
1978Joe Velo
1979John Sullivan
1980Len Hogg
1981Ron Powell
1982Brian Bridges
1983Dave Davis (USA)
1984Gary Kee
1985Tom Kury
1986Steve Lovell
1987Ian Bradford
1988Donna Adamek (USA)
1989Fred Alsopp
1990Peter Selakovic
1991Billy Gardiner
1992Ian Bradford
1993Chris Batson
1994Andrew Frawley
1995Mike Muir
1996Brenton Manning
1997Alex Liew (MAL)
1998Craig Bourke
1999Frank Ryan
2000Bill Gardiner
2001Mike Muir
2002Jason Belmonte
2003Carl Bottomley
2004Jason Belmonte
2005Andrew McArthur
2006Brandon Qualischefski
2007Jason Belmonte
2008Matt Riley
2009George Frilingos
2010Carl Bottomley
2011Jason Belmonte
2012Jason Belmonte
2013Jason Belmonte
2014Robbie Alston
2015George Frilingos
2016Jason Belmonte
2017George Frilingos
2018Jarrod Langford
2019Jarrod Langford
2020Cancelled COVID-19
2021Cancelled COVID-19
2022Jarrod Langford

Time Change

Due to an oversight in format change for the final top 15 stage, the event will run approximately 1 hour later than the advertised time.

This extension will push presentations and the conclusion of the event around 1 hour later than the advertised time. 

Please contact Graeme Cox if you have any issues or questions regarding this on [email protected]

Membership Reminder

Silver Reminder (ie for those looking at accruing ranking points)
This is a friendly reminder as this is an Open division Ranked event for 2023, to receive ranking points for performances in nationally ranked events, bowlers will need both a league membership + a silver upgrade.

The silver upgrade must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the event occurring.

You can read more about this here – https://tenpin.org.au/rankings-reminder-silver-registration/

If you have any questions or clarifications to make for membership, please email the membership team at [email protected]


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