By Matt Stevens
December 14, 2020

The junior bowling scene returned with a bang on the weekend with Jackson Buckingham and Jessica Canfield taking out the 2020 Queensland Junior Cup (QJC) at Logan City Tenpin.

The 20 lane Logan City Tenpin bowl played host to 36 boys and 21 girls on the weekend to compete for the 6th Annual QJC title. Competitors battled over two days with the first seeing bowlers complete 10 games with the aim to qualify for the Open Final scheduled on the second day. The Open Final would see the top eight males and top eight females battle it out in the bracket style final.

The remainder of the field after the 10 qualifying games received their handicap added to their qualifying pinfall number. The top 4 would then compete in the Handicap Final where New South Wales Ballina Tenpin bowler Brock Gordon would take the victory.

Handicap Finalists- L-R : Jasmine Walker, Matthew Berry, Ryan McGavin & Brock Gordon (Champion)

The hiatus in tournament play due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been frustrating for everyone. At the height of the pandemic, in June, it was announced that the 2020 National Rankings system was cancelled. The QJC was one of many events impacted by the news yet Tenpin Bowling Association Queensland (TBAQ) and its tireless working junior committee would maintain hope that it could still run the popular event if the situation improved.

“We were never confident we would be able to host the event this year, still, we felt that if we could get any opportunity to do so, we would move heaven and earth to make it happen” said South Queensland Junior Tenpin Committee President Nathan Stein. Challenges were vast and varied.

Boys Open Top 4- L-R – Blake Walsh, Mitchell Williams, Jackson Buckingham (Champion), Troy Howell

“Border closures were certainly a major factor in deciding to host very late in the year giving us the best chance to have borders open and allowing interstate athletes to make the trip to Queensland” explained Stein.

This year saw a previous three-year sponsorship end allowing the organising committee to explore other avenues for a host venue.

“Janine and the team at Logan have been very keen to host this event for a-number of years and they proved to be a wonderful host this weekend” stated Stein.

Girls Open Top 4 – L-R: Hannah Clark, Shanae Key, Jessica Canfield (Champion) and Kayla Piffero

In a nod to the close-knit community that tournaments provide, the 57 athletes were supported by previous QJC winners who made the effort to take in the action at Logan City Tenpin. The inaugural winner in 2014 and 2015 Matt Clague participated in the Friday night Skins, 2018 and 2019 boy’s winner Nixon Chan travelled from Sydney. Grace Fahy (2018 winner) travelled from Victoria and Sarah Pennicott (2019 Girls Winner) came from Tasmania which delighted Stein.

“It just shows how much the QJC has meant to many over that time”.

Another interested onlooker was TBA Chairman Jerome Joseph. After holding meetings with TBAQ late last week, the Chairman attended the QJC to witness the promising bowlers on show.

“The passion and skill witnessed over the weekend was remarkable” said Mr. Joseph. “It’s vital that the younger generation that play this sport have opportunities to compete in tournaments like this throughout their journey with our sport and the QJC do a mighty job to facilitate that opportunity”.

Not only did Mr Joseph have the chance to take in the exciting action on the lanes, but he also took the opportunity to speak to a wide variety of stakeholders that make these events what they are.

“It was great to have the chance to speak to the amazing volunteers, coaches, participants and parents throughout the event. Without them, these events don’t happen so to get an insight on all the different stakeholders was a valuable experience”.

TBA Chairman Jerome Joseph (left) with Nathan Stein (right)

President of South Queensland Junior Tenpin Committee Nathan Stein was appreciative of the Chairman’s attendance.

“I thought it was great that he was willing to spend a couple of hours and speak with some volunteers, parents and coaches to understand what drives them to give so much to our sport whilst also learning some of the great stories around it” explained Stein. “He genuinely listened, and it was very clear that he is committed to supporting the grassroots of our sport”.

One of the last for the year 2020 and it wont be long until the QJC occurs again. The tournament will have a quick turnaround with the 7th annual QJC scheduled for May Labour day long weekend in 2021 on the 1st-2nd My 2021. This will be the first ranked event in the junior division for 2021.

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Jackson Buckingham (Open Boys)

Jessica Canfield(Open Girls)

Brock Gordon (Restricted)

Open Boys

1st Jackson Buckingham (SQ Logan)

2nd Troy Howell (SQ Brisbane)

3rd Blake Walsh (NSW Ballina) &

Mitchell Williams (SQ Bundy)


1st Jessica Canfield (SQ Logan)

2nd Kayla Piffero (SQ Logan)

3rd Hannah Clark(SQ Brisbane)

Shanae Key (Vic)


1st Brock Gordon (NSW – Ballina)

2nd Jasmine Walker (Tasmania)

3rd Matthew Berry (SQ Toowoomba) & Ryan McGavin (SQ – Bundy)

The Fletcher Family Trophy was awarded to Matthew Purser

Future Star Award was awarded to Tanika Mason. Both will receive a bowling ball from BPD Australia