She’s a Jett on the Lanes

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
September 9, 2021

It’s been barely four years since Jett Galley claimed Bowl Patrol’s 2017 National Patroller of the Year award, the same year she won the South Australian award too. It was her Nanna, Amanda Circosta, who introduced her to the sport and continues to bowl alongside her today. Proving it’s a sport for all ages, tenpin bowling has given these two women heart-warming memories and a sense of connection.

Jett’s Nanna bowls in a daytime league, only getting into bowling once she retired, she thought granddaughter Jett might enjoy learning to bowl with ZONE Bowling Cross Road’s Bowl Patrol program. Little did she know her granddaughter has followed in her footsteps on the lanes with genuine talent.   

In 2021, having graduated from Bowl Patrol, Jett now bowls in a Junior League at ZONE Bowling Cross Road and has a high game score of 183. Tenpin South Australia Manager, Lyn Alexander, asked Jett what attracted her to the sport, Jett replied: “I liked it because it was different to other sports, it was fun and I really enjoyed it.”

Lyn Alexander, no stranger to developing the sport in South Australia added, “I personally think that it is great as she bowls with her Nanna (who’s not in the Junior League!) and there aren’t many sports where the whole family can bowl together.”

Jett says “you can find new ways to improve and there are many different ways people can bowl. I also like that it’s not a sport that most people do, it’s different and you also get to make lots of new friends.” She learned a variety of techniques in her Bowl Patrol experience, meaning she now has a range of skills to draw upon.

Jett wants to encourage other girls to take up bowling “by starting with Bowl Patrol, this is a group of kids that want to learn how to bowl. You also get the chance to make lots of amazing new friends. Bowling is also an all-year-round sport that is inside so you will never get too hot, cold, or wet. And some amazing coaches are always giving you great feedback, helping when you need and are great support people.”

Want to learn how to bowl like Jett? Bowl Patrol programs are ready to roll in Term 4, pending lockdown restrictions, find your local program at

Special thanks to Tenpin South Australia’s Manager Lyn Alexander for this story.


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