Snapshot Preview : Tenpin SA Junior Youth Masters 2019

By Matt Stevens
August 23, 2019

Junior and Youth rankings points will be on offer this weekend when the first SA Junior Youth Masters will be held at Zone Bowling Cross Road. In a first, a merging of the previously known SA Junior Cup & SA Youth Masters, has resulted in a dual ranked event.

Zone Bowling Cross Road

This is the first year of the Tenpin SA Junior Youth Masters. This is the combination of two previous events.

The SA Junior Cup has been running for two years – 2017 and 2018

This is the 19th running of the SA Youth Masters. It was called the SA Youth Masters for the last nine years, and formally known as the SA Under 23 Classic.

SA Junior Cup – Jamie Phelan (SA) and Jordan Dinham (NSW)

SA Youth Masters – Emma Williamson (VIC) and Jordan Dinham (NSW)


Jordan Dinham – A real threat to be crowned dual youth and junior champion. After winning last year’s separate events in the SA Youth Masters/Junior Cup, and then claiming the 2019 National Youth Cup, Dinham has what it takes to be a contender in both divisions.  Boasting the amazing feat of winning both the junior and youth ranking titles in 2018, Dinham is once again positioned in both divisions to repeat the coup in 2019. All top five junior ranked bowlers will be in attendance this weekend providing an opportunity for all the key players to emerge from others. Dinham, currently sits in second, 25 points behind leader Nixon Chan and six points ahead of NSW Youth Cup champion Jackson Botham. Tarkyn Percy will be another one to look out for after defeating Dinham at the 2019 Australian Junior Masters and bowling in his home state this weekend.

Jordan Dinham – Credit – Living & Loving Photography – Lyn Fletcher

Grace Fahy- The Victorian, like Dinham, will feel confident she can be a contender for both divisions this weekend. Currently sitting first on the junior table, and second on the youth table, Fahy will be a candidate for both titles. With recent form in winning the Sydney Youth Cup to go with this year’s victory in the Australian Junior Masters, Fahy is having a year to remember and will be keen to solidify her standing on both Junior and Youth point tables. After winning the 2018 junior ranking title, Fahy is striving for consecutive titles in the junior division this year.

Grace Fahy- 2019 President’s Shield


Will Clark –Runner up at the Sydney Youth Cup to Jackson Botham, Clark’s year has been one to treasure. Winning a silver medal with the Australian flag draped over his shoulders at the 2019 Asian Youth Championships in Malaysia, Clark currently sits third on the youth rankings table. In what is a tight race for the title, Clark is 10 points behind Queenslander Matt Clague and 14 points behind leader Trent Webber (SA). With Webber bowling in his own state and Clague wanting to ramp up preparations for the 2019 Asian Championships in Kuwait, Clark will have a challenge on his hands to remain in Youth ranking contention.

Will Clark – Silver Medal Winner – 2019 Asian Youth Championships – Singles Event

Chloe Jones –The North Queenslander currently sits on top of the 2019 Youth Ranking points table. After already representing the country at the 2019 Asian Youth Championships, Jones will don the green and gold again this year in October at the Asian Championships in Kuwait. An impressive start to 2019 saw Jones claim two national youth titles at Wyncity, Point Cook, after winning the National Youth Cup and Werribee Youth Cup. Both these events have similar formats to this weekend’s SA Junior Youth Masters and should fill Jones with confidence she can accomplish the treble in the Youth division for 2019. Jones is striving for consecutive youth ranking titles after winning the youth division last year.

Chloe Jones – 2018 World Youth Championship – Detroit

Top 5 Junior Ranked Players Attending As of 22nd August


  1. Nixon Chan (NSW) – 205 points (1st)
  2. Jordan Dinham (NSW) – 180 points (2nd)
  3. Jackson Botham (NSW) – 174 points (3rd)
  4. Ben Matchett (NSW) – 127 points (4th)
  5. Bernie Grueso Jr (VIC) – 120 points (5th)


  1. Grace Fahy (VIC) – 265 points (1st)
  2. Emily Bottomley (QLD) -154 points (3rd)
  3. Lilly Wilson (QLD) – 148 points (4th)
  4. Alannah Woodfield (QLD) – 141 points (5th)
  5. Jacinta Caddy (QLD) – 90 points (9th)

Top 5 Youth Ranked Players Attending As of 22nd August


  1. Trent Webber (SA) – 190 points (1st)
  2. Matt Clague (QLD) – 186 points (2nd)
  3. Will Clark (NSW) – 176 points (3rd)
  4. Jordan Dinham (NSW) – 166 points (4th)
  5. Lachlan Stephenson (SA) – 134 points (5th)


  1. Chloe Jones (QLD) – 288 points (1st)
  2. Grace Fahy (VIC) – 180 points (2nd)
  3. Emma Stephens (NSW) – 172 points (3rd)
  4. Ivy Dickinson (QLD) – 131 points (5th)
  5. Stephanie Taylor (SA) – 98 points (9th)

SA Youth Masters 2010 – Lexi Nicol (NSW) and Stephen Cowland (VIC)

SA Youth Masters 2011 – Bec Whiting (VIC) and Kevin McRae (VIC)

SA Youth Masters 2012 – Laura Kairn (VIC) and Shane Hadlum (VIC)

SA Youth Masters 2013 – Kaitlyn Commane (VIC) and Simon Pearce (VIC)

SA Youth Masters 2014 – Maddy Kemp (QLD) and Simon Pearce (VIC)

SA Youth Masters 2015 –Maddy Kemp (QLD) and  Elliott Batiste (VIC) Results

SA Youth Masters 2016 – Maddy Kemp (QLD) and Michael Murray (SA) Results

SA Youth Masters 2017 –Emily Cross (VIC) and Jayden Panella (VIC) Results

SA Youth Masters 2018-  Emma Williamson (VIC) and Jordan Dinham (2018) Results

SA Junior Cup 2017 –  Emma Stephens (NSW) and  Trent Webber (SA) Results

SA Junior Cup 2018 – Jamie Phelan (SA) and Jordan Dinham (NSW) Results


All bowlers will bowl together in one event with the Junior Champion being decided by the finishing positions in the event.

Qualifying – Saturday 24th August –All participants will bowl 5 games in the morning and 5 games in the afternoon with a re-oil in-between.  The top 12 mailes and 8 females after qualifying will progress to stage 2.

Stage 2 – Sunday 25th August  –The top 12 males and 8 females will bowl 8 games. Pinfall will carry over from qualifying. The top 3 in each division after Stage 2 will progress to the Step Ladder Final.

Final – Sunday 25th August The winner will be decided by a Step Ladder final. 2nd place will play one game agaist 3rd place. The winner will progress to play one game against 1st place. If first place loses the first match, they shall have the right to re-challenge. Pinfall will be dropped and the winner of the Step Ladder Final will be declared the 2019 Tenpin SA Youth Masters Champion. All Junior Bowlers will be ranked by their finishing positions and the Top ranked bowlers will be declared the 2019 Tenpin SA Junior Masters Champion.

based on 65 entries (will be adjusted to actual entries)