Tenpin Bowling has implemented the Sports Integrity Australia National Framework

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
October 18, 2022

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) has implemented Sports Integrity Australia’s (SIA) National Integrity Framework which takes a proactive approach to mitigate integrity threats to sports and provide a safe, fair, and healthy environment for participants at all levels of the sport.

In conjunction with the new policies, TBA has also adopted a new independent complaint-handling process run by Sports Integrity Australia. This means that all members can raise any integrity concerns directly to Sports Integrity Australia, who will review each complaint and make any disciplinary decisions independent of Tenpin Bowling Australia.

The suite of policies within the Framework can be found on Tenpin Bowling Australia’s newly created Sports Integrity web page

As a part of Tenpin Bowling, what does this ultimately mean for you?

TBA encourages everyone to familiarise themselves with the National Integrity Framework, particularly the Prohibited Conduct contained within each policy. If at all you have a concern on a complaint about an integrity matter related to the above policies, you can submit your concern directly to Sports Integrity Australia using their web form or by phoning 13 000 27232.

TBA will continue to handle all non-National Integrity Framework-related matters. If you do have an issue to report but are unsure if it goes to Sports Integrity Australia, go to the SIA section on the Tenpin Bowling Australia website.

TBA encourages you to report if you see anything that may be in violation of the National Integrity Framework policies.

The Tenpin Bowling community needs to work together to provide a safe, fair, and trustworthy environment for all involved in the sport.

For more information on the National Integrity Framework, click here.