Vale John Griffin

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
July 14, 2023

It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our cherished and special stakeholder, John Griffin.

Introducing his beloved sport of Tenpin Bowling to the Sunshine Coast, John provided Tenpin Bowling opportunities for all since building the Suncity Tenpin bowling alley from the ground up in 1979.

As the former managing director of the iconic Suncity Tenpin, John played an instrumental role in shaping the bowling landscape in the region. In 1979, he swung open the doors of Suncity, situated just moments away from the stunning Alexandra Headland beach. The facility became an instant sensation among local families, offering a much-needed entertainment option in an era when choices were limited.

Under John’s stewardship, Suncity thrived, welcoming over 2,000 league bowlers each week during its heyday. He witnessed the tremendous growth and demand for tenpin bowling, as people from all walks of life flocked to his centre to experience the joy and camaraderie this sport fosters.

Beyond the business aspect, John deeply valued the connections he made with the bowling community. His warm smile and genuine interest in people made Suncity a gathering place for young couples, church groups, and individuals seeking laughter and fun. He created a space where friendships were forged, memories were made, and happiness flourished.

John’s passion for tenpin bowling led him on a journey that began in 1968 when he accepted a job at the Tweed Heads AMF Tenpin Bowling Centre. With each step, he gained knowledge and expertise in the industry, eventually culminating in his role as managing director of Suncity.

While bidding farewell to his beloved bowling alley was undoubtedly difficult, John found solace in knowing that Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) would continue the legacy of Suncity. The recent acquisition of the facility by TBA marked a new chapter in its history, as it transformed into the National High-Performance Centre and Community Centre (NHPCC). John’s spirit and dedication will forever be intertwined with this hallowed ground.

We extend our deepest sympathies to John’s family, friends, and the entire bowling community who have been touched by his kindness and unwavering commitment. His impact on the sport and the lives he touched will never be forgotten.

TBA is forever grateful to John for introducing Tenpin Bowling to the Sunshine Coast and creating a haven of joy for countless individuals. TBA will ensure your legacy continues to inspire generations of bowlers to come.