2021 Ranked Event Statement

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
January 6, 2021

Limitations and changes to how we play our sport have been prevalent in 2020 and this will continue into 2021. The impact of COVID-19 on communities and sport is still apparent across the country.

Following the cancellation of the National Ranking Point System last year, TBA has committed to moving forward and confronting the challenges of COVID-19 with the goal of including ranking points for all ranked events in 2021. This will commence in mid-January with the Hammer QLD Seniors Classic at Caboolture Bowl & Mini Golf. We will inevitably require some flexibility in 2021 given the day-to-day changes that the global pandemic brings, however our base principle is to enable ‘Bowlers to Bowl’ in 2021. The host centres and sponsors will maintain the right to determine if their event is viable or not and we will work closely with event organisers of these ranked events. This will also be done in conjunction with State government requirements for sporting events and gatherings, to ensure they are delivered in a COVID safe environment.

As previously stated, a new Tenpin Bowling Australia Operational Advisory Council will be formed this month to work through challenges such as the impact of the pandemic on ranked events. COVID-19 does not follow our rules (or anyone’s) and as such we will continue to be agile and work with all stakeholders to enable ‘Bowlers to Bowl’ in 2021.

Rohan O’Neill
GM – Activity
Tenpin Bowling Australia


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