2022 Tenpin World Cup Recap – 14 November 2022

By kristiemiddleton
November 14, 2022

Day Three of Tenpin World Cup competition had a Four Way Tie, the next 300 and determined the first 16 of the Top 32 in other words – Day Three DELIVERED at the AGL National High-Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

A full wrap of the Para Bowling World Cup is HERE for you see what has occurred in leadup to today’s competition and you can access the details from the previous day’s competition HERE.

For all the results – use the link below and click on any of the games, for all the detail.

There was high drama, roll off tension and a slick 300 for Day Three of the Tenpin World Cup 2022.

USA’s Cote held strong to the lead of her Group B in a repeat performance from Block One, while the lead in Group A changed from Laub to Sin.

The chat turned to gear today – with our competitors settled into their choices and nominating their best selections.  Australia’s Bec Whiting said “midrange gear is what is looking the best, start with something strong and fresh and it kind of dies out about game two, so moving on to something with a bit of surface as helped me”.   Cote confirmed her two options “I have used the 900 Global Reality and the 900 Global Reality Check, I start with the reality and move to the Check.”

The Men in Group A and B, completed their Round which triggered a final game determined by Position. 

In Group B that resulted in a four-way tie that saw Blomgreen, Alattar, Azcona and Tan Roll Off for Position 8 and the qualifying spot into the next round of singles competition.  It was tense as the foursome battled it out to determine that it would be Timmy Tan that would hold his position and step through to the next phase. 

If that was not enough to keep the crowd entertained, we also had Marek Talpa from the Czech Republic deliver our second Perfect Game of the World Cup.

The final Group help off on the dramatic finish, but creating a very orderly order to determine the next eight through to the top 32. 

Round 1 – Individual Competition (Bowlers participating singularly earning points and position for their team and the top 8 from each group in the Men’s Division qualify for the Top 32 and the top 4 from each group in the Women’s Division qualify for Top 16)

Round 2 – Singles Top 32 (men) Top 16 (women) bracket matches

Round 3 – Finals (Quarter, Semi, Bronze, Final)

  • An impartial and random draw will be conducted to place athletes into four groups (Group A, B, C, D), each group containing one athlete from each federation.
  • The number of federations participating in the singles is 13 Men and 8 Women. Each group in the Men’s and Women’s Division will bowl match-play within their group.

13 Men’s federations in each group (A,B,C, and D), then further divided via a draw of names. (There will be bye in each group to ensure each athlete bowls the same number of games)

8 Women’s federations in each group (A,B,C and D)

  • Athletes will bowl one game matches in their group according to a predetermined schedule. The last match will be a position round.
  • Points will be allocated on the following basis;

Three Points for a win

One point for a tie

Zero for a loss

  • At the conclusion of Round 1 there will be a ranking in a global leaderboard combining the scores of each individual athlete as one leaderboard for the nation they represent.
  • Ties for positions within leaderboard will be broken by highest last game (combined) in qualification. If a tie still exists, it is broken by highest 2nd last game and so forth until tie is broken


  • Men – 13 federations four groups of 13 (Bowler A, B, C, D assigned to a Group via a draw).
  • Women – 8 federations four groups of 10 (Bowler A, B, C, D assigned to a Group via a draw).

If you are at the event we would love to see your photos you capture! Make sure you tag us and use the hashtag #tenpinwc22

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