2022 Tenpin World Cup Recap

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
November 28, 2022

The 2022 Tenpin World Cup has concluded after 12 days of exciting action on the lanes at the AGL National High-Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

Sporting a brand-new format, the World Cups aimed to become a test for the best bowling federation in the world. Working both individually and as a team to create epic battles between nations. 

Skill, endurance, knowledge, and strategy were key elements for all teams vying to walk away as champions. 

Throughout the twelve days, four titles were up for grabs, with both a team and individual format embedded in the newly formatted World Cup event. 

“It was incredible to witness the action on display during the 2022 Tenpin World Cup,” said Tenpin Bowling Australia CEO Rohan O’Neill.

“We saw perfect games bowled, numerous roll offs, several upsets, brilliant sportsmanship, and elite Tenpin Bowling action by the very best bowlers in the world.

“We know the athletes enjoyed their stay on the Sunshine Coast with the majority utilising the chance to explore the amazing places and things to do in the region” added O’Neill.

Sporting five of the top ten Professional Bowling Association (PBA) 2022 Tour ranked bowlers, the men’s individual competition was jam-packed with talent.

In the first stage, bowlers were separated into four groups. All bowlers would complete 14 qualifying games.  

Bowlers would earn three points for a win, one for a tie, and zero for a loss in matches. The top eight from each group would advance to the Top 32 bracket and all bowler’s points would be pooled in a Global Leader board to help rank the nations for the team’s event. 

The top 32 men after stage one were: 

Country Bowler 
Australia Sam Cooley 
Australia Jason Belmonte 
Canada Mitch Hupe 
Czech Republic Jan Macek 
Czech Republic Jaroslav Lorenc 
Germany Paul Purps 
Germany Patrick Weichert 
Hong Kong Michael Mak 
Hong Kong Eric Tseng 
Malaysia Syafiq Ridhwan 
Malaysia Timmy Tan 
Malaysia Hakim Tun 
Malaysia Rafiq Ismail 
New Zealand Blake Brooks 
Philippines Merwin Tan 
Philippines Jordan Dinham 
Puerto Rico Israel Hernandez 
Singapore Jaris Goh 
Singapore Eugene Yeo 
Singapore Nu’man Syahmi 
Sweden Martin Larsen 
Sweden Jame Blomgren 
Sweden Jesper Svensson 
Sweden Pontus Andersson 
United Arab Emirates Sultan Alqubaisi 
United Arab Emirates Mahmood Alattar 
United Arab Emirates Nayef Equb 
United Arab Emirates Hussain Alsuwaidi 
USA Kyle Troup 
USA Kris Prather 
USA AJ Johnson 
USA Jakob Butturff 

Stage two saw the top 32 bracket introduced. Bowlers would compete in best-of-three elimination matches. 

As we embarked on the last day of the individual competition, the final four bowlers were left standing vying for places in the medal matches. 

Final Four Bowlers –  

Country Bowler 
Australia Jason Belmonte 
USA Kris Prather 
Malaysia Timmy Tan 
Germany Paul Purps 

The semi-finals saw Jason Belmonte matched up against a familiar opponent in Kris Prather. A tight tussle between the rivals saw Prather take game one (224-199) before Belmonte responded in only a way Jason Belmonte does and bowled a perfect 300 game to level things up and force a deciding game. With the Aussie crowd riding every delivery, Belmonte prevailed 212-204 to book a spot in the gold medal match. 

In the other semi, German Paul Purps continued his hot bowling on the last day completing yet another two-game sweep against opponent Timmy Tan from Malaysia (258-254 and 235-216). 

The bronze medal match saw Kris Prather make quick work of Timmy Tan from Malaysia winning in a sweep of 2 games to 0 (288-279, 215-206).  

The gold medal match saw Belmonte fired up with the home crowd and winning the first game in dominating fashion 269-157. When most thought Belmonte had it in the bag, Purps responded and forced and won a game-two roll-off after both bowlers finished on 189.

The deciding match saw Paul Purps defeat Belmonte and crowned the 2022 Tenpin World Cup Men’s Individual Champion. 

All bowlers were separated into four groups where bowlers would complete 15 games to provide the top 4 to advance to the final 16 of the individual competition based on the same points system as the men’s competition. 

USA teammates Bryanne Cote and Stefanie Johnson earned the most points of all competitors finishing with 39 points with both only losing two games of their fifteen. 

At the conclusion of stage one, the top 16 bowlers were: 

Country Bowler 
Australia Chloe Clague 
Germany Birgit Noreiks 
Germany Janin Ribguth 
Malaysia Li Jane Sin 
Malaysia Siti Safiyah 
Malaysia Natash Roslan 
Philippines Lara Posadas 
Philippines Mades Arles 
Philippines Krizziah Macatula 
Singapore Hui Fen New 
Sweden Jenny Wegner 
Sweden Anna Andersson 
Sweden Josefin Hermansson 
USA Jordan Richard 
USA Bryanna Cote 
USA Stefanie Johnson 

The semi-finals saw Germany’s Birgit Noreiks matched up against Singapore’s Hui Fen New, and on the other side, Bryanna Cote continued her impressive round-one performance by making it to the semi-final to face Lara Posadas from the Philippines. 

A close matchup transpired in the bronze medal match but Birgit Noreiks won in a sweep 2 games to 0 against Lara Posadas from the Philippines 220-215 and 228-225. 

Hui Fen New from Singapore won two close encounters against Noreiks (262-179 and 179-174) to book her spot in the gold medal match. The other semi-final went to the wire and a third game decided the champions with Bryanna Cote eventually winning 2 games to 1 (207-201, 171-175, and 214-190). 

Bryanna Cote from the United States of America is the 2022 Tenpin World Cup Women’s Individual Champion. 

After stage one, the seedings for the team competition were set with the United States of America, the clear number one seed after accumulating 123 points from round one. 

The women would complete 14 match play games.

The USA would continue their inspired round one performance by topping the table with 36 points, winning 12 of their 14 games. 

In a race for the top four to advance to the semi-finals, Malaysia, Sweden, and Germany all finished on 27 points to make the cut. They would narrowly edge out Singapore who was unlucky in 5th place on 24 points.  

As the last day of competition commenced, the semi-final matchups would see number one USA take on Germany while Malaysia would face Sweden for a spot in the medal matches. All matches would be the best of five. 

Germany came out with nothing to lose and put on a show winning the first two games (223-158 and 201-186). The Americans as predicted, would fight back by winning the next two games (211-185 and 221-178) to force a deciding fifth game. 

Going back and forth in the deciding game, Germany would cause an upset and defeat Team USA 237 -207 to win the battle 3 games to 2 and advance to the gold medal match. 

In the other semi-final, Sweden would defeat Malaysia 3 games to 1 (237-190, 190-214, 240-207, and 228-204. 

The bronze medal match was as close as you could get between the two top-seeded teams after round 1, USA and Malaysia. Going to a fifth and final deciding game, Malaysia would snatch the bronze from USA winning in an incredibly close-fought contest 235-228. 

The two surprise packets faced off in the gold medal match with Sweden and Germany striving to finish the tournament on a high. 

Sweden dealt with the moment better than their opponents winning in an easy first two games (215-160 and 192-162) before Germany notched one on the board (229-212). The Swedes would come out supreme in the fourth game and win 237-202 resulting in a 3-1 victory.

Sweden is the 2022 Tenpin World Cup Women’s Team Champions. 

After the round one individual competition, Germany received the number one seed after finishing with 106 points ahead of the highly fancied Team USA on 99 points. 

Team Bermuda entered the competition in round with teams completing 14 total matchplay games.

At the end of matchplay, Malaysia and Australia sat on top of the leaderboard, both finishing on 30 points. 

Men’s Matchplay Standings 

  1. Malaysia – 30 points 
  1. Australia – 30 points 
  1. Germany – 27 points 
  1. Czech Republic – 27 points 
  1. Puerto Rico – 27 points 
  1. USA – 24 points 
  1. Canada – 24 points 
  1. Philippines – 21 points 

Once again, Singapore was the unlucky team finishing in ninth position with 21 points and losing to the Philippines in a tie-breaker roll-off. 

As the top 8 bracket began, the uncertainty of outcome was evident as surprises were happening all over the place. 

Team USA knocked off the number one seed Germans 3 games to 0 (269-197, 204-200, and 214-188). Puerto Rico would defeat the Czech Republic in a sweep (195-171, 247-232, and 245-206) while a pair of five-game thrillers saw the number one seed after matchplay, Malaysia, lose to the Philippines in the closest of finishes (209-211, 231-207, 205-171, 213-219 and 206-208). Australia would defeat Canada after losing the first two games, gritting their way back to win 3 games to 2 (194-244, 185-245, 200-157, 219-199, and 223-209). 

The surprise packet team of Puerto Rico kept it rolling defeating the Philippines in the semi-final 3 games to 2, while the hometown Australians would be forced to bowl for bronze after going down to team USA 3 games to 1. 

With the home crowd rocking, Australia claimed the bronze medal in a sweep (198-163, 242-222, and 213-159). 

The gold medal match would see Team USA win another gold medal in the World Cup after defeating Puerto Rico three games to one (214-172, 262-202, 221-222 and 209-198). 

The United States of America is the 2022 Tenpin World Cup Men’s Team Champions. 

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2022 Tenpin World Cup Recap

The 2022 Tenpin World Cup has concluded after 12 days of exciting action on the lanes at the AGL National High-Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 
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