AAA Play – Providing Access to Bowlers of All Abilities

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
August 24, 2021

Access for All Abilities (AAA Play) launched their new website at an Access for All Abilities (AAA Play) has launched their new website aiming to connect people of all abilities to sports and recreational opportunities in Victoria.

AAA Play is operated by Reclink Australia with the support of the Victorian State Government. AAA Play provides Australia’s only dedicated referral and connection service for people with a disability to sports and recreational opportunities in Victoria.

AAA Play works with the enquirer to identify what activity they wish to be involved in, what their abilities are, and where they are located. Drawing on a network of State Sporting Associations, Regional Sports Assemblies, active community clubs, local governments, and disability-specific sport and recreation providers, AAA Play can link each person with a suitable sport or recreation activity, in a timely manner.

The new website enables people of all abilities to search for activities in their local area. Included in this are all registered Victorian tenpin bowling centres that can add specific activities to help tailor the experience if need be.

TBA and AAA Play recognise programs like Bowl Patrol and Bowl Abilities are inclusive, as is visiting the local centre to play, joining a league, becoming a coach or just having some fun.

Unfortunately, due to lockdown, the launch event was moved from Xplosions Bar & Bowl in Melton to virtually via Zoom. Those present at the launch included several dignitaries involved in the Disability and Sport sectors.

One of the dignitaries present at the event was the Minister for Disability, Ageing and Caring, the Hon. Luke Donnellan. Detailing his passion and connection to the sector, the minister expressed his thanks to Reclink and AAA Play for providing a service that allows those with a disability to easily be included in sport and recreation opportunities.

“You’re doing what we would like to do in our new State Disability Plan. You’ve made it more accessible, that’s what we need to do; have more people participating in more things and this is one of these tools which you’ve developed which is second to none” said Minister Donnellan.

Also present at the event was Tenpin Bowling Australia Chief Executive Officer, Rohan O’Neill. The TBA CEO acknowledging the great work of Reclink while highlighting how the inclusive nature of tenpin bowling was the perfect sport because of the opportunities and pathways for whatever sort of experience people want, regardless of age, gender, ability, or experience.

“Whether you’re 5 or 95 years old, we really are a sport for longevity. One of the key aspects to tenpin bowling has been the ability for us to provide opportunities to people who have either a physical or intellectual disability.” explained O’Neill.

With key TBA participation staff members also on the call, Rohan expressed his thanks to those supporting the initiative and the potential benefits it will provide.

“The new website coupled with the support from the Victorian Government and office of Minister Donnellan, provides great opportunity for us to be able to engage and connect participants and their carers in a social, safe environment”.

Acknowledging and thanking Xplosions Bar & Bowl was Megan Stevens of AAA Play. Stevens also conveying her gratitude to sports like Tenpin for their assistance in the launch.

“We were hoping to do this in person and have a bowl on the lanes but unfortunately, it hasn’t come off – I do want to thank Xplosions for being so wonderful in not only offering to host this event but hosting some wonderful programs to support a lot of people with a disability to be active” praised Stevens.

“Thank you to Rohan and Tenpin Bowling Australia who have been a huge support in making sure we have as many relevant opportunities as possible for people coming in. We’ve really appreciated you, as well as all the other sports who have made the website what it is. Without your help, we couldn’t have all the activities that we’ve got up there today”.

To view the new Access for All Abilities website, please click here.

A recording of the virtual website launch event is available here.