By Emily Rennes
December 29, 2020

We’ll continue with all the States and Territories across Australia announcing our winners of Centre, Lane Ranger and Patroller nominations. Today we’re delighted to announce the winners in the Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory have spent another fantastic year in support of Tenpin Bowling Australia’s national junior ‘learn to bowl’ program; Bowl Patrol. Our Sport Development Officer, Terry Maynard, on the ground in Darwin supported Planet Tenpin in the delivery this year. Running a program in Terms 1, 3 and 4 – given the centre was closed in Term 2 for COVID-19 safety. Terry even took the portable lanes to the Botanical Gardens in a bid to share our sport with a new (young) demographic!

With that, we’re delighted to announce;
2020 Northern Territory Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger of the Year – Debra Maynard
Debra stepped up in 2020 and helped with the delivery of Bowl Patrol at Planet Tenpin in Darwin. She encouraged the children to always try their best and not to give up.

2020 Northern Territory Bowl Patrol Patroller Boy of the Year – Aiden Disney
Aiden has been one of our repeat Patrollers and this term he has progressed really well. We’re excited to see Aiden join our Planet Tenpin Junior League next year!

2020 Norther Territory Bowl Patrol Patroller Girl of the Year – Charlotte Menz
Charlotte struggled with the 6lb ball but kept coming back each week and got to yellow wristband with great excitement. She missed out by 1 or 2 pins every week to progress to the next level, but her determination to keep going and try to succeed was good to watch. She improved every week, showing a great talent for tenpin bowling.

More state and territories to follow in the New Year! #BowlPatrol @BowlPatrolAus Email [email protected]


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