Pocket Preview: 2022 NSW Open

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
September 9, 2022

It’s been a two-year wait, but the popular NSW Open event will return this weekend to conclude the 2022 women’s and open division ranked event season.

Tenpin City in Lidcombe will play host to nearly 100 competitors this weekend as the final women’s and open division ranked event for 2022.


  • With two divisions in play (Male and Female), each bowler will bowl 10 games in 2 game blocks for qualifying.
  • The top 32 males based on scratch pinfall after the 10 games will progress to stage 1. While the top 8 females based on scratch pinfall after the 10 games will progress to matchplay.
  • Stage 1 will see the top 32 males after qualifying bowl a further 4 games in 1 game blocks with pinfall carrying from qualifying. The top 16 on scratch pinfall after stage 1 will progress to stage 2
  • Stage 2 will see the top 16 males bowl a further 4 games in 1 game blocks with pinfall carrying over from stage 1. The top 8 on scratch pinfall after stage 2 will progress to matchplay
  • Matchplay will see the top 8 males and top 8 females bowl 7 games matchplay with bonuses of 20 for a win and 10 for a draw. Pinfall will carry over from stage 2 for the males and qualifying for the females
  • The winner in each division will be the bowler with the highest pinfall, including matchplay bonus

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes all competitors the best of luck on the weekend.

Click here to view the scores and results as they are entered by the tournament organisers

This is the 39th running of the NSW Open. The first NSW open was conducted in 1982 when Terry Wenban won the inaugural title.

Sam Cooley and Rebekah Martin will be both in attendance to defend their crowns obtained in 2019.

1982Terry Wenban (NSW)
1983Don Brown (WA)Cheryl Munson (NSW)
1984Steve Lovell (NSW)Jeanette Baker (NSW)
1985Brian Bridges (Vic)Cheryl Munson (NSW)
1986Len Hogg (Vic)Doreen Dockery (Vic)
1987Fred Allsopp (NSW)Debbie Biviano (NSW)
1988Kevin Quinn (NSW)Ruth Guerster (Vic)
1989Mark Ramsay (Qld)Carol Gianotti (WA)
1990Mark Ramsay (Qld)Cara Honeychurch (Vic)
1991R Kostemuk (Canada)Christine Roughley (NSW)
1992Mark Ramsay (Qld)
1993Ian Bradford (Vic)
1994Brenton Davy (SA)
1995Andrew Frawley (NSW)Sharon McLeish (NSW)
1996Andrew Frawley (NSW)Sue Cassell (NSW)
1997Frank Ryan (Vic)Jeanette Baker (Vic)
1998Andrew Frawley (NSW)
1999Colin Hunt (SA)Amanda Bradley (NSW)
2000Colin Hunt (SA)Katie Stuart (NSW)
2001Matthew Francis (ACT)Debbie Baldock (WA)
2002Brandon Qualischefski (Qld)Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)
2003George Frilingos (Qld)Natalie Shelley (Vic)
2004George Frilingos (Qld)Emma Walsh (NSW)
2005Sam Romeo (NSW)Sue Cassell (NSW)
2006Andrew McArthur (NT)Jayde Flanagan (NT)
2007Jason Belmonte (NSW)Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)
2008Jason Walsh (NSW)Maxine Nable (NSW)
2009Dale Fitzgerald (NSW)Bianca Flanagan (QLD)
2010George Frilingos (Qld)Carol Gianotti (WA)
2011Jarrod Lean (NSW)Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)
2012Michael Little (NSW)Rebecca Voukolos (NT)
2013Jason Belmonte (NSW)Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)
2014Jason Belmonte (NSW)Bec Whiting (Vic)
2015Jason Belmonte (NSW)Bec Whiting (Vic)
2016Jarrod Langford (Qld)Bec Whiting (Vic)
2017Sam Cooley (NSW)Narelle Baker (Vic)
2018Jordan Dinham (NSW)Bec Whiting (VIC)
2019Sam Cooley (NSW)Rebekah Martin (VIC)

Flashback – 2015 Champions Bec Whiting and Jason Belmonte

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