Pocket Preview: John Sullivan Senior Australian Open 2022

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
March 18, 2022

Ranked event bowling is back this weekend, with the senior divisions set to take centre stage at Zone Bowling Frankston, Victoria for the 2022 John Sullivan Senior Australian Open.

The second seniors ranked event for the year will see bowlers head to a new venue – Zone Bowling Frankston. A unique 28-lane centre in that it’s a split centre – 14 lanes on one side of the concourse with the other 14 on the other side.

Holding the event at the Centre for the first time, Tournament director Sue Raphael is excited about what’s to come this weekend.

“I am really happy and looking forward to a great event this weekend,” said Raphael. “We look forward to welcoming 107 bowlers from around the country, with two defending champions in the mix.”

Both the 2021 senior men’s and grand senior men’s champions will return to defend their titles in Mike Muir and David Farquharson. The ladies division is left wide open with 2021 champion Sue Cassell, unfortunately, missing this weekend’s event.

A total of three divisions will be played this weekend – Men’s, Ladies and Grand Senior Male, with a Grand Senior Ladies bonus for Grand Senior ladies that don’t cash in the ladies division.

The format is a straightforward one with bowlers tasked with 16 games over two days on Saturday and Sunday.

Considered one of the top bowlers in the 1970’s and 80’s, John Sullivan was inducted into the TBA Hall of Fame in 1989. The John Sullivan name was added to the Senior Australian Open event name in 2020 due to community-wide respect for the bowler.

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes all the bowlers the best of luck and high scoring this weekend!

  • What? Nationally Ranked Senior Division event – A22/004
  • Where? ZONE BOWLING Frankston, Victoria
  • When? March 19 & 20, 2022
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This is the 16th running of the Senior Australian Open

Western Australian Mike Muir will be in attendance to defend his 2021 senior division title. David Farquharson will be in attendance to defend his 2021 grand seniors title.

YearSenior DivisionGrand Senior Division
2007Merv Billing and Jeanette Baker
2009Bob Whybrow, Jeanette BakerStephen Bell, Alain Cossadeaux
2010Tony Stoppel, Julie HirdStephen Bell and Ingrid Coburn
2011Bill Johnson, Jeanette BakerBrien Show-yin, Barb Richmond
2012Brenton Davy, Jeanette BakerRob Zikman, Maxine Forrest
2013Brenton Davy, Jeanette BakerMike Kennedy, Barb Richmond
2014Mick Talevski, Jeanette BakerStephen Bell, Christene Webster
2015Bill Johnson, Heather RobertsonStephen Bell, Jeanette Baker
2016Mick Talevski, Lee BoothJim Bakirtzidis, Jeanette Baker
2017Bill Johnson, Julie HarrisonJim Bakirtzidis, Jeanette Baker
2018Kevin Webb, Jeanette BakerMick Talevski, Lee Booth
2019Ralph Harford, Christine ClarkTerry Wenban, Sarah Knowland
2020Andrew Lloyd, Christine ClarkJim Bakirtzidis and Jeanette Baker
2021Mike Muir, Sue CassellDavid Farquharson

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  • All bowlers will bowl 16 games in two (2) squads.
  • 3 divisions Men’s, Ladies, and Men’s Grand Seniors
  • 8 games on Saturday and 8 games on Sunday
  • Grand Senior Ladies Bonus for GS ladies that do not cash in the ladies division

Saturday, March 19

  • Squad A – Check-in by 8.30am – Bowl 8 games (4 blocks x 2 games)
  • Lanes Washed and Oiled
  • Squad B: Check-in by 1:00pm – Bowl 8 games (4 blocks x 2 games)

Sunday, March 20

  • Squad B: Bowl 8:00am (4 blocks x 2 games)
  • Lanes washed and oiled
  • Squad A: Bowl 1:00pm (4 blocks x 2 games)

Female Senior Division Top 10

PositionState/TerritoryNameTotal PointsAverage
1QLDSue Cassell100199.8
2VICRobyn Flynn80196.6
3SAJo Babic65195.2
4VICChristine Clark55194.1
5QLDCheryl Womack50189.8
6ACTJanet Baker46188.6
7QLDAnna Allez43187.6
8QLDKaren Smith38186.9
9QLDJulie Harrison36180.6
10QLDToni Reese34179.8

Male Senior Division Top 10

PositionState/TerritoryNameTotal PointsAverage
1QLDTony Hamilton100228
2NSWGlenn Rowland80225.6
3WAMichael Muir65225.2
4TASAshley Riley50220.6
5NSWAndrew Lloyd43216.4
6QLDMorty Douglass38213.5
7VICWarren Stewart32211.8
8QLDTerry Bissell28209.1
9SASteve Floyd26209.1
10VICBrett Smith24208.8

Female Grand Senior Division Top 5

PositionState/TerritoryNameTotal PointsAverage
1QLDSue Cassell100199.8
2VICRobyn Flynn80196.6
3ACTJanet Baker65188.6
4QLDJulie Harrison55180.6
5ACTJennifer Burton-Douglas50176.7

Male Grand Senior Division Top 5

PositionState/TerritoryNameTotal PointsAverage
1QLDTerry Bissell55209.1
2QLDSteve Solman50205.3
3QLDGraeme Morgan43204.3
4VICChris Benson (Snr)40203.6
5NSWSteven Smith36203.1

The current 2022 rankings are now available on the current points page of the ranked events section. Please click here to view

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