TBA Releases Return To Play Guidelines & Resources

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
June 1, 2020

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) has today released Return to Play guidelines and resources to support bowlers and bowling centres across the country in the gradual return to the lanes.

The development of the guidelines hopes to assist the tenpin bowling community to return to league and tournament play in a cautious and methodical manner.

The contents of the guidelines are based on the best available evidence and advice to optimise participant and community safety. The creation of the documents is also in line with the Federal Government’s National Principles for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities and the AIS ‘Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment.

The guidelines should be used in conjunction with the directives and guidelines of the centre, Federal Government and those of the relevant State or Territory.

In what is an unprecedented time in not only bowling, but the world, many stakeholders are trying to understand what and when things may start to return to normal.

The responsibility for the easing of restrictions and what activities and restrictions apply are determined by each respective State and Territory and as a result has been a complex journey to this point.  Thankfully, most States and Territories have begun the transition process through their ‘roadmap’ with community sport and importantly indoor sport on the radar to open shortly. 

In conjunction with the guideline release, the official tenpin.org.au website has created a new section dedicated to the return of play – The COVID-19 Hub.

All guidelines can be found in the education and resources section.

With a plethora of information seemingly everywhere regarding when and what we can do, TBA has created a central hub to house the most important information for the bowling community.  The purpose of the hub is to inform both bowlers and bowling centres with relevant information as the country slowly releases restrictions and we get back to bowling.  

The sections of the website hold the following information:

  • When Can I Bowl? One of the most frequently asked yet complex questions to answer. This section gives a snapshot of where your State or Territory is at in terms of restrictions for indoor sport.  It also lists centre contact details for all registered centres.   Remember, not all centres will open as soon as bowling is permitted so make sure to check with your centre!
  • Updates from TBA – lists all the COVID-19 statements or updates made by TBA that have been provided now and into the future
  • Education & Resources – Both participants of our sport and bowling centres must play a role in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19.  This section provides specific guidelines and education for both bowlers and centres.  If we are to get back on the lanes and maintain the privilege to bowl, we must be in this together.  Understand and play your role so we can bowl!
  • Modified Rules – All rule book changes and allowances TBA has made to provide flexibility through this unique time are found here
  • Events & Programs – Outlines the current status or statements made on events and programs within the sport
  • Help & Support – Links and resources on help and support for those that need it

The different and ever-changing restrictions in place throughout the country will continue to evolve. The COVID-19 hub will change with the evolutions that occur so be sure to refer to here frequently to keep up with the changes.  All relevant links to State and Territory websites with the most up to date information has also been provided.

To view the new COVID-19 hub, please visit here and let us know what you think.


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