By Matt Stevens
February 19, 2020

Ever wondered how to become a silver coach? Below are some tips on what you need to do and what’s involved in advancing your knowledge as a coach

If you meet the requirements, and are still interested in upgrading to become a TBA Silver Level Coach, there are a few things you need to do to get your qualification moving.

Expression of Interest: Have you completed an EOI and submitted it to TBA, so we know you are ready?

  • TBA needs to know who is ready for Silver, interested in attending a course, and where they are located.
  • We use this information to plan courses each year in your State. Let us know.

The Face To Face Course: 2 ½ Day Course, Cost $400.

  • These are not frequent, as they are reliant on sufficient numbers in suitable locations to make them viable.
  • You may have to travel to make a course if courses are not in your location.
  • You need to complete an enrolment for the course, and pay in full, by 2 weeks before the course, so we can send your material.
  • The course is Classroom content focused strongly on video analysis, as well as practical on the lanes. There is also an on-lane evaluation task to complete on day 2. You are coaching, not bowling for this. 
  • There is an online exam to complete after you attend the course. This exam is not simple, and can take some time to pass, as it is assessed by USBC. You need time to complete this exam in addition to the course.


Attending the face to face Silver Course and passing the online exam gives you a USBC Certificate, but does not make you a TBA Silver Coach. There are additional requirements required, some of which take some time, effort and money on your behalf.


Intermediate General Principles of Coaching Course: This course is NOT a free or quick course provided by Sport Australia. You must locate, contact and deal with an external Recognised Training Organisation (University or TAFE) in your State or online. We have suggestions if required.

  • You will need to enrol directly with them and pay their fee (approx. $200 – $300 in addition to Silver Course)
  • There are 13 modules / units to complete. They will assess the content like any other course.
  • When you pass, you will receive a certificate. Give TBA a copy of that certificate.
  • This can take 4 – 6 months, so we suggest you start before you attend the Silver Course.

Play by the Rules eLearning: Child Protection and Harassment and Discrimination.

  • These must be completed online. This can be done before the course.
  • They have expiry dates / validity. Ensure they are valid when you finish silver.

ASADA eLearning: Level 1 and Level 2 Anti-Doping Courses.

  • These must be completed online. This can be done before the course.
  • The big one is Level 1. You do this only once, and it takes some time.
  • Level 2 is the yearly update, and needs to be completed EVERY 12 MONTHS.
  • Make sure these are valid.

First Aid Training: HLTAID001 & HLTAID003.

  • Required to be a Silver + or Silver Elite Coach. Requirement for State, NTS or National Team Coaching.
  • HLTAID001: valid for 3 years.
  • HLTAID003: Needs to be updated every 12 months (CPR).
  • You must enrol in a First Aid Course through an external registered provider, and provide certificates.

Sufficient Evidence of Coaching Hours and Skills: Are you ready to become Silver right now?

  • As part of the application, you need to spend at least 12 months as an active TBA Bronze Coach.
  • You will need to submit evidence of your coaching hours and activity.
  • PD, further training, courses, conferences and peer mentoring count towards your hours.
  • Show us why you qualify to become a Silver Coach.

In addition to these, there are all the TBA forms, declarations, WWC card and photos to complete to finalise the process. Only when all requirements are met does a coach become a TBA Silver Level Coach.