Strike 3 Bowling releases 2021 ANC Guide to the Event

By Strike 3 Bowling
March 8, 2021

Strike 3 Bowling have today released all the relevant information for the 2021 ANC in a brand new, all-inclusive format that is littered with exciting news for the country’s elite players.

On top of the announcement last week that prize money would be guaranteed and also be equal for females for the first time, the Guide to the Event also includes a number of other highlights to make taking part much easier for our elite players.

High on the list of innovations is the removal of the requirement to submit an All Events entry to qualify for the Australian Masters. In fact, this requirement has been removed across all tournaments, to not only make it easier for players not in state teams, in removing the team’s requirement, but it also makes it potentially cheaper for all players taking part.

All-inclusive single price entry fees are sure to be a hit with players, removing the need to keep stumping up the cash each day to qualify for the tournaments on offer and ALL Events will be offered across the championship at no extra cost, further reducing costs for players.

A major innovation will see a maximum of four qualifying attempts implemented for each tournament to remove the `cheque book’ qualifying approach and level the playing field based on raw ability rather than the depth of your pockets.

To create more exciting tournaments, stepladder finals will be introduced and in a move that will bring junior bowling into line with most other sports, their championship will be age-based for the first time and include a first ever Under 14 Junior Australian Masters.

To reduce costs in equipment and freight, a four-ball maximum will be introduced across all tournament weeks, which will be welcomed by most players on the basis of cost saving, but it is also something that is currently being rolled out across the world to increase the need to have a higher skill level to succeed in the sport.

Strike 3 Managing Director, Ashlee Carroll said “We have literally spent hundreds of hours over the last two years researching other sports, listening to key stakeholders, both here and overseas, along with talking to external experts to come up with the 2021 ANC. We are focusing on the ANC being as much about sports entertainment as it is about elite participation. We are an event promoter who provides exciting experiences and innovation for our customers, and this is what our elite players are to us, customers, not just players. All those attending this year should get ready to experience bowling in a whole new way when they get to Hobart in late July and early August”.

Entries to the ANC will open on 2nd April for State Associations, followed two weeks later with entries opening to all players on 16th April.

The ANC 2021 is being held at Zone Bowling Moonah in Hobart. It gets underway on 19 July and runs right through to 15 August.

Click here for your copy of the full Guide to the Event and get ready to make the trip to Hobart for an exciting bowling adventure like no other! You can follow us on Facebook and go to for further information.